Without You I Would Be Lost

I was an 11 year old girl.I lived under a bridge.I had lived there since I was 6.But this boy always came to visit me.I lived in Westmeath,Ireland.The boys name was Niall.He tries out for xfactor.But when he becomes famous,Niall comes back to get to bring with him.Will Niall and I be for forever.


6. 3 years later...

Niall is going to try out for x factor.I am coming with him.I am so excited for him.I sat next to him in the car.Niall leaned in and whispered in my ear,"Kaileigh we have been best friends for 8 years.Would you be my girlfriend?" I looked at Niall."Yes."I whispered.I hugged Niall.He kissed my cheek.We were soon at the x factor place.Niall held my hand.We were placed backstage.Niall looked so nervous."It's ok Niall.I know you will be awesome."I said.Niall starred at me,then smiled.They some called his name.I kissed his forehead.Niall walked off into the stage.He rocked.When he got off stage,I ran to hug him."You did great Niall."I said. Niall looked at me.I kissed his face.

2 days later...

Niall was just put in a band.There was 4 other boys.I believe their names were Zayn,Liam,Harry,and Louis.I got to meet them.They seemed really nice.1 of them has a girlfriend.Her name is Danielle.She is on x factor.She is so nice.I hang out with Dani a lot.I am so proud of Niall.He is the best. I love him so much.Niall came to the hotel we staying at.He was tired.He fell asleep.In his bed.I started to sing a song called Ronan.Niall woke up.He hugged me.Niall cradled me in his arms."I love you."Niall said."I love too."I said.He kissed me forehead.I fell asleep in his arms.Niall layed me down on my bed."Good night."Niall whispered.

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