Baker Boy

Falling in love with your friend is never easy. But when that person becomes 'The Harry Styles From One Direction' it gets even worse.

p.s. i totally made all of this up. its not any facts or any way that anyone whos real would really act. so ya just an FYI


2. The Room

"Why can't they just say 'this paint is purple and this paint is silver make a guys life easy."

"Now what's the fun in that? Now get painting."

"Yes Miss Bossy Pants."

I throw a paint brush at him and stick my tongue out. I never would've thought that a guy could be this easy to talk to. It's just like talking to my friends. I pry open the purple paint, stir it, and dip my brush in. I've always loved painting its relaxing. I start brushing the paint on the wall in swirling patterns and smiley faces. Harry can't be outdone so he starts painting something. I stop and watch him, mesmerized. How can he be so so so perfect? It doesn't take very long for him to finish, and when he leans back for me to see, my heart jumps into my throat. He drew my name, but he put flowers and hearts and all these details around it. For the first time I think that my name is beautiful. Camille Hall.

"Decorating cakes comes in handy sometimes," Harry says, breaking me out of my trance.

"Ha Ha. Maybe..." I throw paint at him.

"No Fair!!"

He throws silver paint down on me and it gets in my hair.

"Silver's a good color on you," he says teasingly.

Before long we get back to work, occasionally flinging paint around. I got so into my painting and Harry and I's conversation about random junk that when I got back to where I started I thought that what had been two and a half hours was only that with out the two. Harry was just about done and most of the room was dry, so I stood up and went over to one of my thousands of boxes, opened it, and started exploring its contents.

Harry came up behind me and hugged me, "Whadya find?"

I screamed,"just some stuff that can be put on the walls, these three should all have some stuff there's also some larger things in the room across the hall."

"You scream like a  girl, did you know that?"

"Really, its not like I'm a girl or anything."

He heads over to one of the other boxes I had pointed to and opens it. We both begin sifting through the contents. He's the first to find something that he goes to put up, my set of small black circular mirrors. There isn't anything for walls in my box so as he hangs up the mirrors I go across the hall and grab the bigger mirror. I try pushing it into my room, quite unsuccessfully, when Harry comes to the rescue and we can actually pick the dumb thing up.

"Heeeey. Whatchu two love birds up to?" Rebecca, my overly perky sister says suggestively.

"Putting my room together what did you think we were doing, hunting elephants?"

"Funny Cammi, funny. Aaaanyways, who's this looker?"

"This is Harry Styles, we work together at the bakery now, he's a FRIEND. Got that, FRIEND..."

"Oh you know I'm just messing, I couldn't resist coming here from college since you guys just moved and all, I can't even imagine how on earth you get on without me, it must be so boring. Anywho, you and I can have a little chit chat later I have to go help Mum in the kitchen"

She promptly leaves,"Well you met my older sister Rebecca. Don't worry she does that to all of my friends. You gotta love her though, ya know."


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