Baker Boy

Falling in love with your friend is never easy. But when that person becomes 'The Harry Styles From One Direction' it gets even worse.

p.s. i totally made all of this up. its not any facts or any way that anyone whos real would really act. so ya just an FYI


7. The Library

I quickly walked away from Diana. She was making a screaming fit. Krissy and I roam around talking to people, playing truth or dare, spin the bottle, and all around having a good time. At around one in the morning, the party starts to wind down and we take off.

"So I heard about the show down between Hazza and Diana."

"Yeahhh, it was... interesting."

"But now your man is single."

"And going to stay single. I mean think about it Kris, he just broke up with his girlfriend, he's going on the X Factor, he's not going to want another relationship."

"But he broke up with her for you unless I'm misunderstood."

"He didn't really do it FOR me he did it because he finally opened his eyes to the ugly truth."

"Your hopeless."

I look over at her, taking my eyes off the road, "Watch the road!" Krissy yells, "Your gonna get us both killed!"

I'd drifted into the other lane. Quickly I swerve the car back into the correct lane and a few moments later pull into my driveway. We both get out of the car, I lock it, and we silently go to the door, open it, and tip toe inside. We don't want to wake my mom up so we quietly go up the stairs, jumping the fifth one from the bottom that squeaks, and successfully sneak past my moms room, down the hall, and into mine. Once the door is safely closed we both scream out Mission Accomplished! Then fall onto the bed laughing.

We don't stop until ten minutes later when I get up and announce that I'm going to take a shower. Krissy sits up and gives me a thumbs up before grabbing the remote and falling back into the pillows. After I get out of the shower Krissy hops in and I flop down to see what she's watching. Oh. Miss Congeniality! Our all time favorite movie. As soon as Krissy's done with her shower we fall into bed, pull up the covers, turn off the tv, and fall fast asleep before our heads even hit the pillow.

The next morning when I wake up, I look over to see Krissy still sound asleep. While I wait for her to wake up I turn back on Miss Congeniality. My phone starts singing Titanium a few seconds later.

"Ughhhhh," I groan, reaching over to grab the phone.

text from Hazza

Hazza: mornin' beautiful

Cami: hi, your in an awfully good mood for just breaking up with Diana

Hazza: i finally realized that she wasn't good for me. and your the one who showed me:D

Cami: don't remind me

Hazza: so what're you doin'

Cami: waitin' for Kris to wake up from her beauty sleep

Hazza: haha i forgot that she was at your house

Cami: Yeah we came here and crashed after the party

Hazza: sounds like fun:p

Cami: it was thanks

Hazza: haha oh well i gtg see you at the library and 3?

Cami: see you there!:D

I exit out of messages and pull up my twitter app looking through my timeline for anything new. While reading a funny tweet about teachers Krissy finally wakes up with a loud groan.

"Top of the morning to ya sleepy head."

"Top of the morning to ya cheerful."

We go through our usual morning greeting then drag ourselves out of bed to the kitchen for some breakfast. While I grab the cereal Kris gets the milk from the fridge. We plunk down at the table and start to eat our breakfast while talking about last night. When we finish eating we go back up to my room and change out of our sweats and into some suitable clothes.

"Where are you going today?" Krissy asks me.

"Going to the library to do research for that dumb project on the evolution of puzzles with Harry."

"Sounds positively boring."

"What your doing can't be much better."

"Your right me and George are doing the history of pottery."

"Mr. Smith always has the most boring assignments."

"At least you have a good partner. I'm stuck with nerdy George."

She pulls her nose back with her thumb and puts on a pair of clear nerd glasses I had on my vanity. I can't help but laugh. She does do a pretty good impression of George.

"Are you guys going to the library too?" I ask.

"No, we're getting the online research done first. Have you seen his room!"

"No, you really think that I've ever been to his house much less his room!"

"No. But anyways it's decked out in Star Wars stuff! He has all these figurines and everything is Star Wars down to his duvet!"

"Now that's some scary stuff."

We're finally both dressed. Me in a pair of Miss Me jeans, a cute monster gray and pink pullover sweatshirt, and some black sparkly TOMS. Krissy's just wearing some purple skinny jeans and a white tank top along with her flip flops. I sit down in front of the mirror and quickly put my hair in a braid, pulling a few strands out to make it look messy and add a big pink flower at the start. Grabbing my purse I head out the door. Mom's at work so I lock the door on the way out. We throw Krissy's bag in the back and I drive her home. Then it's off to the library.

Once I get there I grab my purse and go in. I pull out my phone to answer a text I just got from Colton. Then I start getting texts from all my friends, so at least I'm not bored while sitting at a table waiting for Harry to arrive. After a while he walks in the door and sits down next to me with two Starbucks'.

I look at him sternly and say, "Your late."

"I know. I brought you coffee."

I look from him to the coffee a few times before grabbing it and giving him a hug. God bless his soul. After that we get down to work. We get up and find books on puzzles and start typing the information up on one of the computers. After about two hours of work we finally finish and I push the print button on the computer then walk over to the printer and grab our report. Or at least 1/5 of our report. We leave the library and go out to the cars.

"I'm gonna miss you while I'm gone," he says.

"Well then we'll just have to cherish the moment while its here then won't we."

With that I get in my car and back up, he's still standing there, I wave and then drive off for home.


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