Baker Boy

Falling in love with your friend is never easy. But when that person becomes 'The Harry Styles From One Direction' it gets even worse.

p.s. i totally made all of this up. its not any facts or any way that anyone whos real would really act. so ya just an FYI


3. Dinner with the Moms

"hahaha she's funny. It's not every day that you meet someones big sister who is totally comfortable with someone she has no idea who they are. Seriously she acted like you and I had been BFF's since preschool."

"Yeaaaaa that's normal for her. You gotta love her though. Come On we gotta finish my room."

I grab my purple zebra print comforter and lay it on my bed. Then grab my matching pillows, ruffled pillow, and my bear. My bed looks legit. I'm glad I got a new queen bed when we moved, makes it much nicer. Harry comes over and sits on it, staring. Is there spinach in my teeth or something. He pats the spot, I go sit down, and he starts to lean in... like he's gonna kiss me. I start to lean in too, when my mom opens the door.

We leap apart as fast as humanly possible, "Hi there kiddies, Harry, would you like to stay for dinner?"

"That would be wonderful Mrs. Hall, thank you."

"Ok you two, come on down stairs and pig in."

I waltz over to my door and open it, heading down the hallway toward the stairs, I turn around and see Harry standing in my doorway simply staring seductively at me. He runs towards me, chasing me closer to the stairs, I jump on the banister and slide down. He flies past me, getting to the bottom first then reaching his arms out to catch me. I slide gracefully into his strong hands and he swirls me around in a circle before carefully placing me back on the ground. I poke his face giggle and run into the kitchen, sliding in my socks. He comes in after me and we start racing around the kitchen table laughing and sliding all over the place.

"Ok ya'll need to settle down and actually eat this food. I swear you high schoolers act more like kindergarteners than kindergarteners do sometimes. Its absolutely hilarious though."

"Thanks Mom."

"Sooo Harry. Tell me a little bit about yourself. Not prying just trying to get to know my daughters new best friend."

"No problem ma'am. Well, I work at the bakery, I'm 16, I love singing and am in a band called White Eskimo. I'm also not the brightest kid but I can do fine in school. I have an older sister and love laughing and people. I also feel that with my knowledge and understanding of football I should be an awful lot better at it."

"Sucks for you. I'm going to kick you rear end to Jupiter, we're gonna play."

"OOOhhhhhhh Noooooo I'm gonna die."

Dinner was over in no time and Harry had to leave. I wish he didn't have to I love being with him and I think that Mom's right, he's gonna be my best friend. I hope I just don't fall in love with him...

"I like that boy," Mom says as she closes the door once he pulls out of the driveway.

"I do too."

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