Baker Boy

Falling in love with your friend is never easy. But when that person becomes 'The Harry Styles From One Direction' it gets even worse.

p.s. i totally made all of this up. its not any facts or any way that anyone whos real would really act. so ya just an FYI


4. Best Friend Ification/ school

*six months later*

"Heey Cams. How was the Dragon Lady?"

"Horrible as ever. She was standing at her podium with her glasses on the end of her nose staring at us and then she called Jake up to the board and he PISSED HER OFF!!"

"OOOHHHH she deserves it. Why do we have to take her dumb math class anyways? I mean really I don't want to EVER have to do this again, but its supposed to be worse next year in Calc."


Me and my best friend Krissy talk at our lockers every day between classes. I put my Pre-Calc book in my locker and take out my History book. Something falls out of my locker, a little folded up note. I bend down to pick it up. I open it and read:

Hey Cams I got news for you. Your house. After school. Phones dead:(. See you there.


"Oooooh. He's totally into you ya know."

"Is not! We're best friends. Have been since I moved here, you know that," I punch Krissy in the arm softly, "We're just friends and that's all we'll ever be. Anyway he's dating that one chick whats her face, Diana the 'captain of the cheerleading squad.' I don't see why she takes such a title in it, the team sucks."

We start walking towards History, "Ya and so did the Drill Team until you came along and fixed us all up. I mean seriously we used to be worse than them but now we're going to Finals!! All thanks to you. You are such and amazing dancer. She's just jealous."

"Sure, but let me remind you that SHE has the boy and SHE is the most popular girl in school."

"WAS the most popular girl in school. You know you took her place, that's why she hates you so much and is so protective of Harry because you've taken every other thing she doesn't want you to take him too."

"I would rather have him."

"Girl just keep being yourself, and dancing and he'll see, someday, he'll see how much of a barbie he's dating."

She opens the door for me and I walk in. All eyes come to us. It's still weird, this feeling of everyone wanting to be with me and be like me. It's something that I don't think I'll ever be used to. I'm so glad that this is the last period of the day. I can't wait to see what Harry's news is. I walk past Natalie on my way to my seat and she compliments my outfit. That's like the 50 bajillionth person today. I guess its a rockin outfit I mean really but... it's only a dress with a flowery skirt, white scarf, and purpley blue cardigan. Plus my gray tights and fluffy gray purse to complete the outfit.

An hour later the bell rings and everyone grabs their bags and books it to the door. No one stays in History longer than you have to, its like sitting on a burning hot coal. Krissy and I grab our books from our lockers and go to my car. I unlock it and we hop in, throwing our bags in the back. I dig around in my purse for my keys, holding them up triumphantly when I find them. I start the car and drive off towards Elm, where Krissy lives. I pull into her driveway a few minutes later and get out of the car to hug and say bye.

After she goes inside I drive as fast as I can without getting pulled over back home. I can't sit still. I'm busting to know what Harry's news is! I turn on my radio and blast some music, singing along to the songs. When I get home I jump out of the car and race into the house. Harry's in my room as always, I throw the door open and leap onto the bed. Almost falling off but he catches me like always.

"What's your news!"

"I'm going on the X Factor."

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