Baker Boy

Falling in love with your friend is never easy. But when that person becomes 'The Harry Styles From One Direction' it gets even worse.

p.s. i totally made all of this up. its not any facts or any way that anyone whos real would really act. so ya just an FYI


1. The New Job


Finally the final bell rang, letting us get away from this nightmare they call high school. If only life were as easy as they made it seem, it seems to be everything in the world is against me, are my thoughts as I gather my books and head out to my brand new car!! I head over to my locker to get my waterfall of homework, man this school gives a ton of homework not nearly as much as my old one. At least I seemed to fit in really well everyone wanted to be with me, that's always nice, and I got an interview at the really cute little bakery a few blocks away from my house. I need to hurry if I want to get there in time.

Five minutes later I pull up in front of the bakery, well this is it. I grab my purse, lock my car, and take a deep breath while walking into the bakery, I hope it all works out. There are two men working inside cleaning a counter that was probably just used. I cough slightly so that they notice me.

"Ahhh hello Miss Hall, I'm very glad that you could make it I know it must have been confusing trying to drive from the school to here without ever have done it before."

"Yes it was no piece of cake I was so worried I'd be late."

"Your just on time. This is Harry Styles, he would be the boy that you would be working with if you get the job, he'll be sitting in on the interview. Would you like to get started?"

"Sure. Lets do this thing!"

The three of us sit down around a cute little polka dotted table in the seating area of the shop. Mr. Hugh's starts asking questions about my old home, school, my friends, family, previous jobs that sort of thing. I'm having problems concentrating on the questions I can't seem to be able to tear myself away from Harry's eyes for more than 30 seconds. I'd like to become a friend of his. Around a half an hour later Mr. Hugh's stands up.

"Camille I think that you are the perfect person for this job. I want you to get settled here, but if you would like to come in the rest of the week Harry here can show you the ropes and we'll start you next Monday. Sound good?"

"YES! Thank You So Much!! I'll be here, everyday."

I wave good bye and go out to my car. After sliding into the drivers seat I blast my music and drive home the happiest I've been all day, I GOT THE JOB!!

"Mum! I got the job I got the job!!" I scream excitedly at my mum.

"Oh yay! I knew you would sweetheart! There's a little box of surprises up in your room on your bed from all of your relatives and friends, moving presents I believe."

I race upstairs to my room, which is still a mess. I really ought to start unpacking all I've opened is one box of clothes. I jump five feet in the air when my phone starts playing Brighter Than The Sun by Colbie Caillat, I totally forgot that Harry and I had exchanged numbers before I left. Oops.

Harry: Hey, are you all moved into your new home yet?

Cammi: No, I've only opened one box...:p

Harry: Silly Goose. Do you want some help, I could come over and we can get your room all nice and pretty

Cammi: That would be sooo amazing!

I give him my address and the doorbell rings a few minutes later. I run downstairs to open the door and while running past the den I yell at Mum that I'm having a friend over to unpack. I skid on the wood floor, stop, fix my hair, and open the door to a gorgeous smiling Harry. He steps in looks around and smiles.

"What, are you laughing at my house? There is nothing wrong with an old Victorian house."

"No, I like it. It reminds me of a place I used to play as a little boy. That's all. Now then where's your disastrous room?" We head up stairs walking and talking and joshing around. When we go in my room his mouth drops to the floor.

"Don't comment on the color, I know its ugly. That's why we get to paint it."

"Woohooo! let's get started," he says while bending down to read the colors on the paint cans, "Brooklyn Purple and Moon Shadow silver, those are interesting names..."

"Oh shut up! Its purple and silver okay. you do the silver, the top side of the tape thats on the walls while I'll do the purple. Sound good?"

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