Why me!?

"Why me!?" Why would he choose me? I'm nothing! I'm not perfect like all the other girls he has dated!! So just tell me WHY ME!? I'm so confused! All of a sudden a knock at the door.............

What will happen next read to find out ;)


1. Tickets!

Hi I'm Emily I have 2 best friends named Sara and Cheylynne. They have always been there for me and we were TRUE directioners! So I like Louis Tomlinson, Sara likes Liam Payne, Cheylynne LOVES Harry Styles. We have ways wanted to go to a 1D concert but we could never afford it, so we started saving up our money and we eased a bunch of money and we finally bought tickets!! AHHH WE GOT TICKETS!! Finally we have new waiting for this moment in our lives! Finally the day came to go to the concert!! SO PHSYCED!!
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