Why me!?

"Why me!?" Why would he choose me? I'm nothing! I'm not perfect like all the other girls he has dated!! So just tell me WHY ME!? I'm so confused! All of a sudden a knock at the door.............

What will happen next read to find out ;)


6. Talking about my ex Ty.

Emily's P.O.V

So after the concert we left and my phone beeped it was Niall
TEXT~ 'Niall- so I was wondering when I can meet that Kaylie girl ;) ' 'me-ummm well ill have to talk to her and see if its a deal ok?' 'Niall-ok sounds good :)' than my phone beeped again! 'Louis- hey love wanna come over sometime?' 'Me- ummm ok....sure I guess.' 'Louis-ok love ill pick u up at 8:30pm tomorrow k? What's your address?' 'Me-ummm ok ( gave him address) here ya go see ya tomorrow :) ' 'Louis- ok love good night :) ;) ' 'me-ok lol good night! ;) '
So Louis is picking me up tomorrow night! I'm so excited what should I wear? TOO THE CLOSET I GO! So I picked out a black strapless dress that goes down to my knees, and black high heels. I was practically ready, I was so excited that I fell asleep. So the next morning I woke up and ate some breakfast and a knock at the door interupted the silence between me and my mum so I got up and answered it. "Hello Love!" Louis said my eyes got huge and I slammed the door and ran up stairs and put on some white skinny jeans and a t-shirt, I put my hair up in a messy bun. I ran back down to find my mum talking to Louis who is sitting I the couch with some tea. "Sorry Louis I-I- I had to get dressed." "It's ok love you look beautiful no matter what!" "AWWWW how sweet! Now he's better than Ty!" Mum said "who's Ty?" Louis asked "ummm he's my ex from Texas" I said " oh ok well what happend?" " well he cheated on her!" My mum interupted " oh I'm sorry love." Said Louis "it's ok." I said back to him.

Louis's P.O.V

Her mum had said she had an ex named Ty that had cheated on her and she doesn't deserve that!! No one does. "I'm sorry love." I said I wanted her. I wanted her so bad! I needed her long brown hair her bright blue eyes and her soft skin. I needed her. I craved her if that makes any sense.
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