Why me!?

"Why me!?" Why would he choose me? I'm nothing! I'm not perfect like all the other girls he has dated!! So just tell me WHY ME!? I'm so confused! All of a sudden a knock at the door.............

What will happen next read to find out ;)


7. Sara and Liam's night out

Liam's p.o.v.

I loved her as soon as I saw her!With her red hair and beautiful freckles!The night of the concert after we exchanged numbers I couldn't stop thinking about her and what was so cute and nice a bout her.I finally decided to text her, i sent her-hi it's Liam how are you? As soon as I sent it I got a reply she said-hi I'm Sara what's up? After I got her text I finally asked her if she would go with me to my family's Big Dinner that they have every year. and she said yea! When I picked her up the next night she was dressed in a bright red short about knee length dress.She looked wonderful!That night after the date at Nandos we walked to her apartment,she unlocked the door and i followed her in to her apartment and we sat down and watched some t.v and she laued her head into my chest and i stroked my hands through her hair. she finally fell asleep so i went and layed her down on her bed and she said " come lay down with me" in a whisper and so i did and a couple minutes after she was cuddled up next to me i fell asleep. I couldn't stop thinking about her and I had the best dream about the thought of us being the couple I've dreamt of since I first saw her!

Sara's P.O.V

I woke up and saw Liam laying next to me asleep so I crept out of bed and I think I may have woken him cause followed me to the kitchen. I was going to make some pancakes till his phone started going off he looked at it then declined it. He came over and kissed me very passionately and very deep. I kissed back cause I likes him and I liked his kisses too. I felt him smile after we pulled apart and I smiled back. He tickled me an I ran to the bedroom and he jumped on top me on the bed and he kissed me again but this time it was even more passionate. He started playing with my hair then I started playing with his and he started to slide his hand down to my waist and kept them there. Oh how I loved that I wanted more. Way more........
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