Why me!?

"Why me!?" Why would he choose me? I'm nothing! I'm not perfect like all the other girls he has dated!! So just tell me WHY ME!? I'm so confused! All of a sudden a knock at the door.............

What will happen next read to find out ;)


4. Meeting who?

Louis P.O.V

So security brought the lucky winners back and us boys were so excited to see them. We were we wondering what they looked like, we're they nice? Were they pretty? " Here comes security with the girls, every one get ready!" Said Zayn , so we all did. They came in and the middle one was so beautiful! I had already liked her.

Emily's P.O.V

Where were we going? I was so confused and so were Sara and Cheylynne, when we got backstage we saw 1D! They just looked at first then started introducing their selves. Louis was the first one to come over to me and I looked at him and he smiled at me and said " hello love, I'm Louis Tomlinson." " H-hi, I'm Emily." I said " I love that name it's so-so beautiful!" He said back to me. Oh my gosh I just met Louis Tomlinson, I was so happy come to find out we had the special seats to where if you sit in them you get to go backstage with 1D.
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