Why me!?

"Why me!?" Why would he choose me? I'm nothing! I'm not perfect like all the other girls he has dated!! So just tell me WHY ME!? I'm so confused! All of a sudden a knock at the door.............

What will happen next read to find out ;)


3. Finally here

Cheylynnes P.O.V

Wow, could this be it? Could we be really going to a 1D concert. I couldn't believe it I was I mean we were so excited to finally be going this was our dream for so long, and now look we're going! So finally Emily's mom called us down "come on girls.Time to go." We all ran down stairs to the car, the car ride there was non-stop talking about 1D that's how exciting it was for us.

Emily's P.O.V

We were so excited that we wouldn't shut-up about 1D, we loved them so much. We finally got there " this is guys!" Said Sara " I know, I'm so excited." I said so we walked up and went to find our seats. We sat down and the concert was about to start then all of a sudden security came and got us " we need you girls to come with us please." So we listened then they took us back stage and you can only imagine what we saw! There was 1D standing there looking like they were waiting for us.....
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