Never Let Me Go (Niall Horan)

No parents,no rules and all kinds of fun. Brook and Jamie go to Florida for the summer while Brooks mom is in New York on a business trip. Brook and Jamie instantly hit the beach to surf and tan. Luckily the meet a few boys. Well five.. And they are One Direction the hot British / Irish boyband. Will Brook and Jamie find love for good? Or is it a summer fling? Can they handle their boyfriends being all the way across the world with thousands of beautiful girls screaming their names? Is their love strong enough to last? Or will it crumble beneath their feet?


1. Florida!!

"FLORIDA BABY!!" I screamed as me and my best friend Jamie hopped of the plane.. I have never been to Florida before.. Me and Jamie are just two Texas girls! My mom is on a business trip to New York so lucky she let us go to Florida as an early birthday present! "Holy crap this place is beautiful!" Jamie said as we dragged our bags through the airport... "I know!" We got in a taxi and found our hotel! "I swear Brook I have never seen anything like this!" Jamie exclaimed. Once we got out of the taxi and unloaded our stuff we decided to go to the beach! "Lets go to the beach beach lets get away!" I sang to Starships! We jumped around to the song while we walked to the beach.. Once we got to the beach we got a wetsuit and surf boards! "This is going to be freakin amazing!" I said running into the water... I paddled my way around until I found a good wave "Here we go Jamie!" I screamed as I hopped on my board! I busted out laughing! "This is so much fun!!" I screamed to Jamie who was focusing on her waves.. "Holy crap!" she yelled as we both fell! I went under but came back up.. "Haha that was awesome!" Jamie swam over to me. "Yeah! But who are those guys up there?" She pointed to what seemed like 5 guys up on a few rocks. " I dunno.. Ya stalkers!" I yelled "STFU Brook!" Jamie hit me.. "Ha ow! Come on let's get some more waves!" 
Once we got done surfing we choose to tan.. "Right here!" we laid our towels down. "Alright I'm listening to music what bout you?" I asked putting on my RayVans. "Yeah." I plugged my earphones into my iPhone 4 and turned on Whistle. 
      *Jab jab jab* I felt some one poking or more like jabbing me in my side. I opened my eyes to a curly haired boy! "Ahhh WTF!?!?" I screamed and Jamie woke up looking wide eyed at the five boys "Oi! Shut up love! We arent going to kill you!" the boy with curly hair yelled with a British accent also!(; "Don't tell me to shut up! Now who in the he#% are you!?!" I said jumping up "Whoah! I'm sorry I'm Harry!" the curly one said "I'm Lou!!" the one with his hair pushed to side he had bluish greenish eyes. "I'm Liam!" the one with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes said with a sweet smile. "I'm Zayn!" The one with dark hair and golden eyes winked.. "I'm Niall!" the boy with dirty blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. They all had a British accent expect Niall..he had an amazing Irish one.. "Ok now why in the he#$ did yall wake us up!?!" I said trying to keep my cool. "Well we thought you were dead..." Harry mumbled.. I busted out laughing "you thought we were dead!??" I said in between breathes... "yeah sorry but we never got you girls names?" Lou said "Oh I'm Brook!" " and I'm Jaime!" we stood up and looked at the boys "Oh well we are One Direction!" Zayn said "oh I love y'alls song! What makes You Beautiful!!" I said thinking of the lyrics! "Oh thanks love" Liam smiled. "So do you girls want to hang out?" Harry winked at Jamie... "uhm sure..Can we trust y'all not to kidnapp us and rape us?" I looked at them.. They busted out laughing! "Ofcourse love!" Harry said "Come on let's go out to eat!" Harry said running and throwing Jamie over his shoulder "Harreh!!" Lou yelled "Sorry Lou oh and I drive!" Harry ran away with Jamie. "Hello love!" I grabbed Nialls hand and then he through me over his shoulder "Niall!!" I couldn't help but bust out laughing! Then he started to laugh I swear his laugh was so beautiful... At this moment I realized this was going to a great summer!
     Once we got to there van Harry was in the drivers seat and Lou was in shotgun... So me,Jamie,Zayn,Liam and Nialler hopped in the back. "Turn on the radio!" Jamie said! Harry turned on an the song Good Time came on! "Oh man this is jam! IT'S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME WHOO!! WHOO WHOO WHOOO ITS ALWAYS A GOOD TIME!!!" I sand along with every one else!! "If your down to get down tonight!" I danced in the van! All the boys were fist pumping and jumping round! "WHOOO WHOO WHOO IT'S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME! " 
    ****tell me what ya think guys!!
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