The best part was meeting you....♥

Sarah loved being around family her fav family member is her 19 year old cuzin Zayn Malik.Sarah loved hanging out with Zayn and his friends and when they sprisingly start a band and she goes on tour with them and another band called IM5 she and a IM5 member fall for each other ♥Darah4Eva♥


5. What!?!?!

We must have crashed out sometime around 4:30 a.m. One of the boys must have taken me up to the guest room because now I was on the wooden floor with a medium sized blanket on half of me, etheir the boys didnt care enough to put me directly on the bed or they wanted this to be funny Im going with the 2nd one. I got up and went into Zayn's room where there was 3 boys on the floor with massive blankets around them and 2 in Zayns bed and not to make things akward one of them slept upside down so that Lous feet were in Zayns face. On the floor were Niall,Liam,and Harry and they were in some pretty weird postitons too, Niall's feet were draped over Liam's legs and Harry had his hand in Niall's face. I couldnt stop laughing at the sight but I didnt want to wake them because I was going to have some fun while they were asleep. I went downstairs quietly and got some whipped cream and a feather and thought to myself this was going to be awesome. I got back to the room and climed over Louis to get to Zayn, I put just enough whipped cream to fill his hand up and I did this with all the others too, I tickled all their noses and they all smeard whipped cream onto there faces. "Good morning!" I said in a cheeky tone, they all looked at me angry.They all got up and walked very slowly towards me as I backed up and made a run for the bathroom I made it just in time because they were closely behind me. I locked myself in the bathroom until they went away, witch took a long time. When I saw the coast was clear I took my chances and went out, I looked around and there was no sight of the boys which was a good sign. I went downstairs caustiously just to make sure I wasnt gonna get ambushed. Luckly there was nobody downstairs, but there was my open laptop and it had my Ipod charging on it but there was a message on it that said OPEN PLZ- ♥ Zaynie pooh, Nialler♥, Hazza♥, ♥Carrots♥, and ♥Li Li♥. So I opened the message and when I did there was this "We are still really mad about what youve done to us, AND we ARE gonna get u back no matter what!"- ♥Zaynie pooh and others. "OH and ps TURN AROUND!!!". I was alarmed by that sentance so I quickly turned around and saw Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam with devious looks on there faces. I was filiped upside down against Zayn's back and taken downstairs and put in a blanket and dropped me on the couch and said "We need to tell you some EXCITING news!" said Louis "Ok what is it?" I asked egar to know. "Ok well in 9th grade we all saw that Niall could play guitar and sing and so could Zayn and Harry and we found out Liam could too and I took some vocal coaching and we decided to start a band! :)" said Louis "WOAH THATS AMAZING! Whats the band called?" I asked "We call ourselfs One Direction! Harry came up with it!" I turned to Harry and he blushed. "MAN THATS AWESOME" I yelled "I KNOW RIGHT!" Louis screamed "Well anyway we have a question" said Zayn *they all pulled a big banner out frum the back of the couch* it said and as I read the screamed out "WILL U GO ON TOUR WITH US AND IM5?! ^-^" "OMG YES YES YES!!!" I screamed with JOY! "But whos IM5?" (NEW BOY BAND ALERT IM5 IS AMAZING LOOK THEM UP!) "There a new boy band and there starters just like us so we teamed up for a tour and there really good too!" said Harry "AND one of them is single and your age wink wink!" said all of them. *I roll my eyes* "Whatever so let me see a pic of them" I demanded "Ok" they said taking out iPhones "Ok here they are" *Niall said handing me his iPhone "Oooh the short one is CUTE!" I got excited "YES because thats the single one and we showed him you and HE LIKES YOU!" half of them screamed but not Liam because he was on his iPhone. OMG THIS WAS AMAZING LIKE ASDFGHJKL *dead* JUST KIDDING ;) 

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