The best part was meeting you....♥

Sarah loved being around family her fav family member is her 19 year old cuzin Zayn Malik.Sarah loved hanging out with Zayn and his friends and when they sprisingly start a band and she goes on tour with them and another band called IM5 she and a IM5 member fall for each other ♥Darah4Eva♥


3. Suspicions

It was getting a little boring and I was about to change that."Anyone wanna go to the movies?"I suggested. They all looked at each other in an agreeing way and they all noded. "Ill drive" said Harry"Not in my car." said Zayn and we all laughed. When we got to the cinema I had my hand on my money and we approached the ticket counter and while I was about to take my money out  Zayn stopped me and decided to pay for me"If you want to have fun while your here you wont pay for anything" Zayn said with a smile. This is what I also loved about my cousin he was so nice."So lads what shall we see?" said Niall "Um I dont know,what about The Hunger Games?" I suggested "Um I dont know maybe because I get scared at the thought of teenagers killing each other" said Louis with a shiver "Aww come on Lou it will be awesome please!" said Harry "Oh fine." said Louis. I couldnt help but stare back at Zayn he looked so guilty "Zayn are you ok love?" I questioned "Um yeah, hey Harry can I talk to you over here" he said as he motioned his head to the left "Um sure Zayn" said Harry flinging his curls to the side."So um whats up guys? how have you been I havent seen you guys in a while!" I said to the remaining boys Niall,Liam,and Louis "Ive been fine livin at home is the best I never want to leave,you can get all the food you want and you can sleep forever!" I laughed because its true "What about you Liam?" I said because he hasnt talked all night except saying hi. Hmmm I was starting to get suspisous."Um fine, I took a trip with Danielle back to wolverhampton!" he said his face seemed to light up talking about Danielle his girlfriend. They all have girlfriends except Niall and Harry, Zayn had a girlfriend she was ok she was pretty and nice but there was something about her that made me curious. All thoughts left my mind when I felt Zayns hand gently pushed me along into the theater "Are you ready?"I heard Louis's pumped voice say "But I though you were scared?" "Not anymore" he argued I loved them so much!

A/N Hey guys THX SO MUCH 4 reading this far I ♥ U guys SO much cuz I never thought ppl besides my BFF's would read this, but anyway there will be an update SOON I promise ok peace fools LOL- NIALL4Eva♥

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