The best part was meeting you....♥

Sarah loved being around family her fav family member is her 19 year old cuzin Zayn Malik.Sarah loved hanging out with Zayn and his friends and when they sprisingly start a band and she goes on tour with them and another band called IM5 she and a IM5 member fall for each other ♥Darah4Eva♥


1. Going to see Zayn

I woke up and had an excited grin on my face I hopped up and looked in the mirror at my frizzy tangled hair and frowned I had to do something with it but what? As I thought I went over to my closet to see what I could wear today it had to be nice and not bumish. Zayn was my favorite cousin because he cared about me and didn't leave me out of things and I got to go places with him and his friends. The boys were awesome to hang out with they were all nice and funny and weren't afraid of being there selfs around me and I felt the same way I could do anything when I was with the boys. They were so fun loving and thoughtful they even threw me a surprise birthday party once for my 9th birthday. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard my mum yell for me to come downstairs so we could go. A million thoughts raced through my my mind I as went down the stairs I almost fell down the stairs probably thinking too hard caused it.

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