The best part was meeting you....♥

Sarah loved being around family her fav family member is her 19 year old cuzin Zayn Malik.Sarah loved hanging out with Zayn and his friends and when they sprisingly start a band and she goes on tour with them and another band called IM5 she and a IM5 member fall for each other ♥Darah4Eva♥


7. Going to America


"No wait! I'm scared" I say and back up from the plane. "Aw come on Sarah! I promise Zayn and me with sit right next to you" Niall says "One day when the sky is falling i'll be standing right next to you" Harry sings "Oh wow Harry" Liam says laughing "That doesnt make me feel any better at all Harry! The sky shouldn't fall!!" I say backing away even more "The sky is NOT going to fall unless you get on this plane!" Zayn said climbing inside it leaving us out "We gotta go" Niall says also climbing in the plane and then Louis and Harry. Liam just stands with me, starring at me. He finally held out his hand for me to take. I give in and take it. We climb on the plane and find our seats, Niall was right, I'm in the middle of Zayn and him. "You finally came!" Niall says as I sit down. "Yeah, yeah but Im still scared to death" I say ''N-n-Niall! Look!'' I say and start laughing hard because my cousin Zayn has kisses all over his face! "Did Perrie come and kiss you goodbyee?" Niall says and laughs ''Haha yes'' Zayn says and wipes his face with his shirt. "Haha I hope I meet Austin Mahone!'' I say and sit back actually becoming relaxed for now. ''Niall hopes he meets Justin Bieber'' Harry says from across the aisle and Niall nods "Haha very true" he says and puts his head on my shoulder and I laugh. "Hello pasengers! This is your poilit speaking, uh we'll be taking off momentarily so please fasten your seatbelts" the poilt announces "Uh oh! Zayn!" I say and hug onto his arm "Don't be scared Sarah, just listen to some music" he says calming me down, and that's what I do I take out my iPod and play 'Baby It's You' by: JoJo because its my all time favorite song. "Heeeeyy aren't you Sarah?" a girl poked me from behind and as soon as I turned around I screamed "NO WAY! VAL!" I yelled. My best friend Valerie Kindle was here on this plane, we both reached over the seats and hugged the crap out of each other and then we just texted each other on the flight and laughed everytime we texted something funny to each other. "We'll be landing shortly, fasten your seatbelts and thank you for using British Airways" a flight attendant told us. "Wow that was fast." I say "That was a 5 hour flight! How was that fast?!" Zayn says and fastens his seatbelt "Well I've been texting Val and listening to music this whole time then!" I say and laugh. *We land in L.A* "Byee Val." I said and hugged her one last time.  I grabbed my bags tightly and followed the boys to a car with our names on a sign held by a driver. "Thank you" we all say to the driver as he puts our bags carefully into the trunk of the car. "Where are we going again?" Zayn asks the driver, "Mr. Cowell has instructed me to take you and your bags to a hotel at least 1 mile away from his home." the driver told us.

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