The best part was meeting you....♥

Sarah loved being around family her fav family member is her 19 year old cuzin Zayn Malik.Sarah loved hanging out with Zayn and his friends and when they sprisingly start a band and she goes on tour with them and another band called IM5 she and a IM5 member fall for each other ♥Darah4Eva♥


6. Fame cant change us

     *After all of there parents found about the tour Zayns mum and dad decided to have Sarah and her mum move in with them! and this chapter takes place 3 MONTHS LATER*

       "Do we have everything?!" I asked yelling up the stairs, "I THINK SO!" they yelled back and I walked out to the tourbus parked in our driveway and I was SO happy when my mum told me that we were moving in with Zayn and his mum and dad. And now its the first day of training for the tour so we have to pack up and leave which kinda sucks because we have to leave behind our familes :( but a good thing is that Nialls little sister Kylie is coming and shes about the same age as me which is 15 by the way. All the mums are busy talking away about losing there babys -_- and the boys and I are packing and shoving our stuff in the tourbus "Are we good?!" the tourbus driver Alex asked me "Um I think so but im gonna go check on the boys" I say walking to the door "ARE YOU GUYS READY!!!" I yell "YESH WE ARE!" they yell back and I hold the door as they pile threw to get to the tourbus and we all just stand there faceing our familes, tryin not to cry but our mums burst into tears as they suffacate us with there hugs and we cant help but hug them back and cry just a little bit except for Niall who doesnt care and cries into his mums shoulder and that makes me cry and hug my mummy. "Sarah your hurting me sweetie" my mum says petting my head "Sorry mum" I let up and wipe my eyes with my sleeve "We have to go now." Alex tells us "I LOVE YOU MUMMY" surprisingly we all yelled at the same time and agev our mums our last hugs and got on the tourbus and waved as we pulled out of the driveway. "WAIT WHOS GONNA WASH MY CLOTHES NOW?!" Niall asks "Youll never wear the same clothes once your famous" Alex tells us "THATS SO COOL!" Niall yells "I love how we just left the people who gave birth to us and your already talking about landury Niall!" I sarcasticly yell at him "Yeah" Zayn said half in tears hugging his pillow "Aww Zayn, dont cry" Harry comforts him and so do I "I love you guys" Zayn says to all of us and then the rest of the boys come over and we all do a group hug. "Um can you guys let go now? Cause Im being suffacated here!" I say breaking up the hug. "I cant tell if im excited or happy now!?" Harry says walking down a narrow and small halway type space "But I found our beds!" he says putting his stuff onto one of the beds "If they're bunkbeds I call the top!" I yell running over to Harry "Ok fine you can have the one above mine" Harry smiles and puts my stuff on the bed above him "Thank you Harry" I smile and give him a hug "Who wants to share a bunk with me?" Zayn gives everyone the puppy dog face "I will Zayn" Niall says "Bottom or top?" Niall asks Zayn "Bottom" Zayn hugs his pillow pet "Wait wheres Lou?" I ask cautiously "RIGHT HERE!" he yells from behind me and I scream "LOU YOU SCARED ME!" I slap his arm "Ouch" says Louis "SO what state are we going to for the training!?" I go up to the front and ask Alex "We are doing the training at a place called T.N.S and its in California" Alex tells us "WERE GOING TO AMERICA!?!" I ask shocked "Yes" said Alex "That was not a good idea" Zayn says and he stands up "Oh no" says Niall "Whats going on?" Alex asks "Ever since I visited Sarah one summer and we went to an amusment park and we rode this ride called airplane and Sarah had a panic attack so she been scared of airplanes ever since" said Zayn and he comes over and hugs me "Yup" I say admitting to the story "Well im sorry Sarah but you have to get on the plane and theres no other way to get to America" Alex says "Ok fine but im only agreing because im gonna have my cousin and his/my best friends with me!" I say "Awww we love you tooo!" all of the boys say.


Sorry for the short chapter but I felt like I had to post a new chapter for readers ;) TANKS FOR THE 201 READS! I LOVE THAT SO MUCH! I wonder how many of you continusly read it tho...hhmm haha but anyways I have 2 other stories on username: chica1230 so plz read those tooo MKAY BYE!

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