Why We Love Them

This isn't fanfiction, so nobody give me crap about it I know it's not. I just don't really know why catergory to put this under, and most directioners are reading the Fanfics, so why not? Okay, so most people... don't understand, why we are so dedicated, and interested in these boys lives. And when I say these boys, I mean One Direction. This is pretty much why we are apart of this fandom, and why we love them. And don't read this because you think it's just another boring documentary well it's not. So take the time to read it please!


2. The Process

First step, is actually finding out who they are. You know? You here there music and your like "Yeah... One Direction... I like them. I like their sound,". Then you start wanting to "get to know" the boys. So you know, you Google them... or Bing or whatever the hell you want. And then you start liking their personality and their stories and where they come from. You kind of get... attached, I guess is the right word. During that part, you start to look around at their album... maybe buy it. Next step, is covering every single inch of your walls with 1D photos, posters, ANYTHING 1D related. Then, you start your life on an amazing thing called "YouTube", which is where your going to spend the rest of your fandom life if you become a directioner. You watch tons of videos about the boys. Funny moments, interviews, sing lyrics, all that crap. The next step... is the big transition between being a "fan", and a "directioner". Now, if you have done all of these steps, your at the very last step. And that is, to go all out. That means, scream whenever you see them on TV, sing along to their songs on your iPod or radio, fangirl when someone says their name, and then mix that together with all of the above. Then... BOOM! Instant Directioner. Your welcome.
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