Why We Love Them

This isn't fanfiction, so nobody give me crap about it I know it's not. I just don't really know why catergory to put this under, and most directioners are reading the Fanfics, so why not? Okay, so most people... don't understand, why we are so dedicated, and interested in these boys lives. And when I say these boys, I mean One Direction. This is pretty much why we are apart of this fandom, and why we love them. And don't read this because you think it's just another boring documentary well it's not. So take the time to read it please!


3. Girlfriends

Okay let's get one thing straight about the 1D girlfriends. You cannot call yourself a directioner, if you send hate to the girlfriends, (via Instgram, Twitter, You know what I mean) just because they are dating your future husband(s). Don't worry, you'll get your chance. Second of all, you probably shouldn't comment/tweet/etc on the boys' account about their girlfriends. Good stuff? Yes. Bad stuff like them being a prostitute? No. Another thing, is no being gross. Stop asking about stuff like their sex life. I mean honestly? What mega million super star, is going to tell A TEENAGER (or however old you are) about his personal life? And it's not that they don't love all them directioners, but they need to draw the line SOMEWHERE! Right???
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