Why We Love Them

This isn't fanfiction, so nobody give me crap about it I know it's not. I just don't really know why catergory to put this under, and most directioners are reading the Fanfics, so why not? Okay, so most people... don't understand, why we are so dedicated, and interested in these boys lives. And when I say these boys, I mean One Direction. This is pretty much why we are apart of this fandom, and why we love them. And don't read this because you think it's just another boring documentary well it's not. So take the time to read it please!


4. Fanfiction

OKAYYY I'm not gonna lie. I really like reading and writing Fanfics. But now as I have become more... experienced with these stories, and I have realized a lot of them are just fucking ridiculous.
Like its the same freaking plot for every story.
For example, one of my favorites goes a little something like this:
"Omgggg sew lyke, I was workin at Nandos and I lyke saww nial h0ran. And he told meh I was bootiful and he asked meh to meet the guyzz. So Zain was vary nice and Lewis offered meh carrotz. Then we ate and Leeyum started cry ing cuz I used a spoon. Then Harreh started turning me on so he banged meh and now I'm pregnant. I gots to chooze Harreh or Nial, and I end up tryin to kill myself. Then Lewis stops meh and I fall in l0ve with him and I have mah baybay then we live in Doncatsa together. THE END.

Ok, like what the fuck is that?!?!?
I also like how the parents don't even care if the girls ask them to I on tour with boys they dont even know. It also pisses me off when people say stuff like "Harry green orbs were filled with lust, then he ripped off my shirt."
First of all, is it that hard to just say the word "eyes"? WTF is an orb? Second, y'all may wanna get some of that lust out of your eye, because apparently they are filled with it. Lastly, where do you buy your shirts? Dollar store? No? Ok then you cannot use that "he ripped off my shirt" term, because let me tell you, shirts do not rip off that easily.
And I very much appreciate how you describe the 3 chapter long sex scenes. ������
Lastly, is that it's funny how when people write "do not read if under 18". Ok who are you, the police? Bitch how old do you think most directioners are?!?!?

Anyways, I'm not saying I have never written stories like that. I have. Some of them are even on here. But I am not going to be continuing those stories in the same format as I was when I first started it. I know better now. And no offense, but some of you need to come up with some different ideas.
Because some people are getting tired reading about the girl who got pregnant with One Directions baby, but doesn't know who the Dad is. Just saying.
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