Why We Love Them

This isn't fanfiction, so nobody give me crap about it I know it's not. I just don't really know why catergory to put this under, and most directioners are reading the Fanfics, so why not? Okay, so most people... don't understand, why we are so dedicated, and interested in these boys lives. And when I say these boys, I mean One Direction. This is pretty much why we are apart of this fandom, and why we love them. And don't read this because you think it's just another boring documentary well it's not. So take the time to read it please!


5. Bromances

I knew this time would come...
So most of you have heard the word "bromance" a lot in the fandom. Some of you know the actual definition of it (good for you, you're my favorites!!).
But a lot of you, do not. (I am slapping you across the face in my head right now).
Just to clarify, a BROMANCE is NOT an actual romance. A bromance is a strong connection between two boys, but in a FRIENDLY way. So don't get your hopes up, your probably not going to see your fave celebrities making out with their best friend.

The popular bromances of our fandom, are Niam, Nouis, Lilo, Narry, Zarry, Ziam, and of course, Larry.

Now we kind of have to break the rules of bromances for Larry.

Many, many, many, MANY directioners have been involved in this worldwide trend that I'd like to call...
The Larry Epidemic.
Ok long story short for you people that have been living under a rock for the past 2 years and don't know what I'm talking about, people believe that Larry is more than a bromances. Louis loves Harry, Harry loves Louis, yeah so they the pretty much saying they are gay.
I'm here to say, I only ship them as a bromances. Lately, many fans have been looking WAAYYY too far! Example: this whole Mr. X thing. I can bet you, this is just a bored 12 year old girl who has nothing to fucking do. I mean, if Larry was real, surely they would be caught. Seriously, if we can leak penis sizes and blood types, this is easy cheesy to not just us, but the paparazzi. That is just my opinion. And all of you can disagree with me. I don't give a shit. But I'm gonna laugh when it turns out, Larry is not real and some of you will be very upset.
And I'm gonna say I told ya so. Sorry! :P
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