Why We Love Them

This isn't fanfiction, so nobody give me crap about it I know it's not. I just don't really know why catergory to put this under, and most directioners are reading the Fanfics, so why not? Okay, so most people... don't understand, why we are so dedicated, and interested in these boys lives. And when I say these boys, I mean One Direction. This is pretty much why we are apart of this fandom, and why we love them. And don't read this because you think it's just another boring documentary well it's not. So take the time to read it please!


1. Bitches Crazy!

I'm a directioner. I'm not gonna lie to you. I listen to their music 24/7, I kiss their posters goodnight, (not trying to be creepy) and I melt whenever they look into the camera on the tv, computer, or even just when I see a picture on Instagram or Twitter. And I'm not the only one. Now people who aren't apart of this fandom, are probably thinking, "Bitches crazy!", but I'm gonna tell you, your either a hardcore directioner, or your not one at all. And you see, there's a whole... process you have to go through to become THE hardcore directioner.
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