That One Thing

This girl is not an average girl. She is not like most 12th graders, and especially not like this boyband One Direction. They unexpectedly come to her school, to finish off, but what happens to them? They go to a small school in London, and little did Ella know what is to come. ****story plot from Stargirl, but mixed up****


4. Chapter 4.

Louis and I grabbed the baskets of food, and ran out to the sidewalk. The beach wasn't really that far away from my house, maybe about a mile or so. Not that long of a walk. "Soooo whats it like around here?" I asked, actually curious about the answer. "Ahh nothing really comes around here really....." He trailed off looking off in space. All i could manage to come out of my mouth was a simple "Oh." Talk about AWKWARDDD...

"So......" I said.

"Sooooooooo..." He says back. Ahh the old days are coming back to me. Ha! 'So.' 


*Flash back.*

"You are so stupid." She yelled in my face and stepped closer. "Ugly. Stupid. You know what, you're so DIFFERENT. Weirdo." She yelled again in my face, crossing her arms.

"So?" I snapped in her face. She glared at me, and in her head she was probably planning to kill me.

"SO?!" She yelled in my face.

"Sooo! Its not that big of a deal..." I whispered the last part so no one else could hear me.

"Excuse me? Bitch, get out! Nobody likes you. You have no life. You're poor. Ugly. SKANK." She said as she punched my stomach. I winced in pain as i grasped my chest and stomach. I was trying to catch my breath, but I couldn't. I got pushed to the ground, and I hit lockers. I hit my head on the tip of one and it had a huge gash in my head.

"Do NOT call me that! I would be talking SLUT!" I yelled back and she looked offended, confused, hurt, and angry at the same time. Ahh just what I needed. 

"Well.....well.....GOODBYE!" She screamed and stomped away with her also -Slut- friends. 

*End of flashback.* 

"Agh...." I whispered. I remembered all the times I used to get hit and beaten in school, and none of the teachers, or other students would stand up and fight her off. Most likely because she was the bitchiest girl in school, and if you hurt her in anyway, she would plan revenge on you and just keep doing it over and over again. I was sidetracked by all my thoughts, by the time I came back into the world, we were already at the beach. 

"Were here!" He said and pulled his arms above his head like he was stretching. "Ahh, tiring walk, ain't it love?" He said as he grabbed my hand and dragged me to the shore. "Come come!" He says.

"Ok ok, calm down!" I say and we set the bags, and lay down the towels. "Hey!" He says, and sticks his arms up in defence. "I am really excited, so don't blame it on me!" He said, and took off his shirt. Huba huba huba. Boy was he fit! "You like? Me gusta?" He said and rolled his hands down his body. I just rolled my eyes and sat on the towel waiting for him to have fun. Im not that kind of person. "Well, aren't you gonna come in the water?" He asked, and I totally ignored his question. "Boy is it cold out...." I said and pretended to shiver. It really wasn't. Maybe 80 degrees outside but...yeah. "Its not even cold outside!" Louis exclaimed throwing his hands up in the air. "Come on, Ella! Get your arse up and have some fun!!" He said and started dancing around like a maniac. "FINE!" I said and slowly, yet carefully, started taking my stuff off. Once I was fully exposed, I crossed my hands over my chest. 

"Come on! Im not gonna bite!" He said, and grabbed my hand -again- and dragged me into the water. "LOUIS! THIS IS F-F-FREAZINGGG!" I studdered and started shivering, forreal. We started joking around and then Lou started tickling me. "L-L-Lou!! S-stop it! Hhahahahahha!" I said and started wiggling around. Ahhh! I am not a person you mess with. "Oh yeah!" Louis said and threw me out in the water. Next thing I knew was everything went black, and I couldn't see anything. 

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