That One Thing

This girl is not an average girl. She is not like most 12th graders, and especially not like this boyband One Direction. They unexpectedly come to her school, to finish off, but what happens to them? They go to a small school in London, and little did Ella know what is to come. ****story plot from Stargirl, but mixed up****


3. Chapter 3.

   I wake up, with the blinding light shining on my face. Agh!! Saturday. Even better. The week has gone by so fast, and I have made lots of new friends. Louis is really sweet and nice, hes very fit also. I figured out some things he likes to do are sing and eat carrots. The second one is quite strange in my opinion, but I mean lots of people are different! Theres nothing wrong with that. I walk over to my closet, and open it. I pick out a pretty flower sundress that cascades down to mid-thy and it flows out. No straps, and it is beautiful. I slip it on and go to my bathroom. I put on some makeup, and then brush my long brown/blonde hair. The tips are blonde, and the top is brown. I just wanted to be different from other people in my school, because girls in my school don't really dye their hair.

I walk down the stairs, and go to the kitchen. To my surprise, Louis was down there chatting with my mum, strange, huh? 

"Uhhh hi.." I said shyly. "I wasn't expecting you to stop by this early.." I said and looked around, trying not to make eye contact with him. Ah, yes. My weakness. Awkwardness, making eye contact with people, and really showing my body off..Im insucure..

"Well, your friend here was telling me about himself! Hes a cute lad. He wants to take you to the beach, if you would like?" My mother asked, more sounding like a rhetorical question. "Uhhh sure why not....." I said and tittered. Ha. Funny word. Yes. (Tittered: a nervous laugh....:D)

I walked back up the stairs and grabbed my pink poka-dot bikini, and some plain white sandals. I put my sundress back on, grabbed my guitar, and went back downstairs ready. "Are you sure you're gonna bring your guitar, hunny?" My mum asked. Of course! I bring it everywhere...duh! I thought to myself....

"Yes. I bring mah babehh everywhere!" I exclaimed throwing my hands up in the air and flailing them around like a monkey. Im cray cray I kner.

"Ok....then?" Louis said, sounding very confused. "Ha! I know Im confusing Im sorry...." I said and gave him my best puppy dog face while clasping my hands together. "Forgive me?" I said and made my brown eyes brighter than ever. Who could say no to this face? "Ahhh fine! Your so cute!" He said and did the same thing I did.

"Ok, lets goooo!" I said and grabbed the basket and ran out the door. 

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