That One Thing

This girl is not an average girl. She is not like most 12th graders, and especially not like this boyband One Direction. They unexpectedly come to her school, to finish off, but what happens to them? They go to a small school in London, and little did Ella know what is to come. ****story plot from Stargirl, but mixed up****


2. Chapter 2.

   I sat in class, while people were chit-chatty with one another. All I heard from every angle was "Who was she?" "Shes really pretty!" "Is she new?" "WOW SHES HOT". I never really got called pretty before. I guess the comments from before were really mean, and now everybody seems to like me. But one comment caught my attention. "She is such a whore!" one girl screamed, really loud so everybody else could hear it. Im not a kind of girl that would get up and slap her, but I really wanted to. The classroom got silent, and I got up from my chair, slid my guitar off my back, and walked up to her. "Excuse me?" I said in her face. She looked at me in horror and then mumbled "Nothing...." Wow! I actually stood up for myself. I was really revel right there. I actually felt complete. "Thats what I thought!" I growled in her face and sat back down in my chair. Maybe for once this year, I wont be as different from everybody. I will just have my own style, and do my own things, but be like everybody else too. Some girls came up to me and started asking me questions, and once they left another girl came up to me.

"Are you really gonna be with the 'popular' group?" She asked, emphasising 'popular'. "Well I don't really know..." I said and she just walked away completely ignoring my answer. Was I actually going to make friends if I were like this? Was I, Ella Star, actually going to be popular? Of course I wouldn't be one of those snotty ones that have rich parents, even though I do, but I am not going to be snotty. If someone says something bad about me I will just ask them what they said, but not be so mean.



It was about lunch time, and I had every single class with Louis. Turns out he is a really nice and sweet guy. He is sorta immature, but he is still awesome. "Hi!" I said and sat down with the members of One Direction. They were all so sweet and polite! "Hello!" Said Louis. He was really happy, as always. "Oh I didn't quite catch your name, what was it love?" He said and smiled. Ahhhhh so sweet.

"My name is Ella, Ella Star. You guys can call me El, or something like that."  I said blithely. These guys were always so impish around me it was funny!! We had a normal lunch, and then went back to our classes. 

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