That One Thing

This girl is not an average girl. She is not like most 12th graders, and especially not like this boyband One Direction. They unexpectedly come to her school, to finish off, but what happens to them? They go to a small school in London, and little did Ella know what is to come. ****story plot from Stargirl, but mixed up****


1. Chapter 1.

    "Who is she?" Somebody whispered as I ambled down the halls. Hi. My name is Ella Star. I am not just a regular girl. I am actually quite different from everybody I meet. I am not normal, nor will anything change that. I carry around my guitar everywhere, and sing to people who I meet. If their new, I sing a "Welcome" song to them, just so they will feel welcome. 

I kept sauntering down the hallways, seeing out of every angle of my eye people giving me dirty looks and whispering. I just simply gave them a weak smile and kept walking. I got to a small group of boys, and they looked new. I am new here, but I know people won't like me. I have been home schooled because of bullies, but I really don't care for it. I am a new girl, and I am just different from most of them. I walked up to the boys and said Hello.

"Hi! Welcome to the school." I said and waved to each of them. My long skirt was short in the front, and then went long to the ground in the back. It went up to my belly button, and then I had a small top on. It had pretty patterns on it like elegant flowers. Overall it was pink....very pink. I have little makeup on, and I have brown curly/straight hair. Sometimes it was curly, sometimes it was straight. They looked at me like I was crazy. But, one boy in particular caught my eye. He had gorgeous teal eyes. His hair was a caramel color, and it was kinda spiky at the ends. It wasn't quite like Bieber hairstyle, but looked kinda like it. 

"Hi my name is Louis. You can call me Boo Bear." The one that was gorgeous said and winked. He held his hand out to shake it. I gladly took it and it was warm and comforting (A/N: None of the boys have girlfriends, and the girl that's in the book is on the cover.) 

"Oh hi Im Liam." Another boy said. They were all really handsome and cute, but really not my type. Oh well. 

"Hi Im Niall. You can call me Nialler, Ni, or yano just Niall." His thick Irish accent said. Instead of shaking my hand, he pulled my in for a hug. I hugged him back too. He was so sweet.

"Hi my name is Harry. Call me Hazza or Haz." He said with a cheeky grin. I gave him a questioning look and shook his hand too.

"Im Zayn." One with jet black hair and sparkly dark brown eyes said. He gave me a half smile but didn't Shake my hand. How rude. I mentally shook my head, and looked at him again up and down. Hes a bad boy I bet. Hmmm...No. He was quite mysterious  in my opinion.

"Well Im off to class." I said and started walking again. But before I could reach my class, somebody grabbed a hold of my shoulder. I turned around to look at Louis, and he looked back at me.

"What is your next class?" He asked, continuing to walk with me. "I have science first." I said simply and went to my locker. I did my combonation while Louis stood my the locker trying to look cool. (AN LOL)

"Has anybody told you that your different?" He asked, genuily wanting to know. "Well I was really bullied before and people called me different, ugly, fat. Different words...." I trailed off, tears daring to spill over.

"Well, I like you. I like how your different. It just gives your personality a boost, yano?" He said shuffling his hands in his pockets uncomfortably. I looked him in the eyes. "That really means a lot." I said and smiled. I took my books out of my locker and we proceeded to our next class. 

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