Eavesdropping Harry

Harry is at his friends house for a couple of weeks. He was chilling out swimming when he heard the most beautiful voice he had ever heard will he find her or will he regret not searching more. Read to find out.


4. YOU DID WHAT!?!?!

Harry's POV

Simon replied immedietly and said he wanted to sign her I was so happy and I know she would be too. This must be her dream coming true. Hey Melony i said. Yeah she said. I recorded you singing and sent the video to Simon he says he wants to sign you isn't that great. NOOOOO, she replied?

Melony's POV

I can't believe he did that. I started screaming I do not want this carer I want To go to M.I.T. and then be the CEO of Apple not a singer. I'm sorry Melony was all he said.

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