Eavesdropping Harry

Harry is at his friends house for a couple of weeks. He was chilling out swimming when he heard the most beautiful voice he had ever heard will he find her or will he regret not searching more. Read to find out.


2. Seeing Her

Melony's POV

I put my Iphone in my Ihome and started listening and singing along to A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez my all time favorite song. My annoying neighbor was also in his room blasting rap music so loud I could hear it all the way at my house. I started singing and dancing when another song came on. I was so embarresed I quickly closed my blinds.

Harry's POV

I SAW HER! i was up in Mark's room listening to rap when all of a sudden I think a thirteen year old girl started dancing and singing. It was the girl I heard earlier. I think she saw me staring at her so she quickly closed her blinds. 

The Next Day (still Harry's POV)

I had to go pick up Mark's sister from school, because he was at doctor's appointment. When I get there I see a girl that looks exactly like the one from last night with earbuds in her ear and her singing while walking home from school, her backpack said Melony on it. When I found Mark's sister, Rachel I asked her if she knew a Melony and she said No:(. This girl was like 12 or 13 years old, I couldn't like her I liked her voice.


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