Beyond the Reflection

15 year old Lea and her family move into her deceased grandmother's home, in hopes to start a fresh chapter in their life and forget the painful memories of the past. Although Lea may think she knows this house inside and out, there are many secrets that thrive within the old house.


2. The Mirror

"The best way to start any day is right here on my plate." I said in awe, as I sat at the dining room table and ate what was left of the bacon on my plate.

"I second that!" My mother said with her mouth full.

"Agreed." My sister Amy said.

Amy was 17, and two years older than me. You can imagine how annoying it is to have an older sister, but we actually didn't fight very often. Amy was my one and only friend growing up. In fact, she was everything I aspired to be.

The rest of breakfast was full of laughter and conversation. It was the best conversation I had had with my family in years, and for once, I didn't feel imprisoned wherever I went.

I ate the remaining crumbs on my plate, and set it in the sink to be washed.

I decided it was time to do some exploring in my new home, so I walked up the staircase and explored every inch of the house until I found the only room that I had never set foot in. The attic. Why is it always the attic?

I was hesitant to open the door at first, because the mere sight of it scared me to death. The brass door handle was concealed beneath a thick layer of cobwebs, and the rest of the door was entirely covered in dust. It looked like no one had even touched the door in years, which was probably true. It was like the door was just waiting for the right person to come along and open it. So I decided to set my fear of spiders aside, and clasp the door handle anyway. It was hard to open at first, but when I nudged the door with my hip, it opened quite easily.

I walked into a wall of dust, as I entered the mysterious room. It was huge! What a shame it was to waste such a great, open space.

My eyes wandered around the dust infested room, and I saw many of my grandmother's old belongings. My eyes began to tear up when I saw the old quilts she had knitted herself, that were lying on a large shelf. I ran my finger across the fabric, and felt the design. I went on a sentimental journey, until something caught my eye.

In the middle of the room was a figure that was covered by a white tarp, or a curtain of some sort. The curiosity of what was beneath the tarp drew me closer and closer to it.

I slowly reached out my hand and and pulled it off with a quick thrust of my wrist. Hidden under the tarp was the most beautiful mirror I had ever seen. It was very tall and grand, and its wooden edges were smoothly carved. It looked like the mirror itself was a question waiting to be answered.

The only thing off about the mirror was that I couldn't see anything in it. I pressed my hand against the glass, and swiped the many layers of dust, until I saw myself staring back at me. I smiled into it, and tucked my hair behind my ears.

I liked the way I looked with my hair like that. I looked more like Amy that way.

Why wouldn't grandma want to show us this beautiful masterpiece that had been hidden in her attic? Why had it been locked in her attic for so many years? It wasn't like the mirror was unpleasant to look at or anything. I thought about asking my mother if I could bring it down to my room, but I decided the mirror would be my secret.

In the next couple of days, I spent hours just sitting in front of the mirror. I know it's crazy, but I felt like the mirror brought me closer to grandmother than ever before, since her passing.

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