Beyond the Reflection

15 year old Lea and her family move into her deceased grandmother's home, in hopes to start a fresh chapter in their life and forget the painful memories of the past. Although Lea may think she knows this house inside and out, there are many secrets that thrive within the old house.


3. Familiar Handwriting

Cooking hasn't always been my 'forte'. Correction, it never has. So that's why Amy does the cooking in our family. My Mother worked very late hours, so she wasn't home until at least 10:00 pm.

It was the first night in Grandma's house that Amy was preparing dinner, so I decided to follow my regular routine and read a novel while she cooked. I know it seems like a lazy thing to do, but trust me; If I were to even try helping with dinner, things would turn out pretty ugly.

The cool thing about living in a house as large as my grandmother's for a reader like me, would have to be the personal library. My grandmother, like me, also did a fair bit of reading, so it only made sense that he had a library in her house.

I wandered around the room, and gazed at the many shelves in the huge library. It was as if there was an endless supply of books!

"If heaven were on Earth, this would be it." I thought to myself.

I bet there wasn't one space that hadn't been filled with a book. The whole wall was covered with them!

I used to know almost every book my grandmother owned, but I had forgotten over the last 4 years. I began to search every shelf, one by one, until I saw a book that caught my attention.

It was quite a large book, and it's spine had a distinct design engraved in it. It was a light beige colour, and a book mark was still inside it.

I snatched the book off the shelf, and looked at the hard cover. There was no title, but it looked like a journal of some sort.

I opened to the first page, and it read:

The Diary of Karen Ward, please do not read without permission!

Karen Ward was my grandmother, and I was holding her diary. All of her feelings and secrets were literally a page away... But what was I supposed to do? Would it be an invasion of privacy if I were to read it? Or would it be better to just 'accidentally' drop it so it opened on the floor?

I had no idea what to do, but I knew that if I didn't open it, I would constantly wonder what was inside. So... I decided to open it. I know, I know! I'm ashamed to say that I have read my grandmother's diary! But it's like a bad car accident, you know? You just can't help but look.

It was a large book, so I just flipped to random pages and read what was written. I never knew my grandmother wrote so much until that day! Some people may have found her handwriting hard to read, but I was so familiar with it that I had no problems.

I was flipping the pages at a brisk pace, until I saw the word 'mirror' on one of the pages. I began to read the page, which said:

I love the mirror I received for my birthday. Today I discovered it's... different. I tried telling Mother, but she simply ignored my reasons. It's special, and I've discovered that if you just learn to look past your reflection, and look at the bigger picture, it can take you to a whole new world.

My eyebrows narrowed.

Interesting... I guess I wasn't the only one who thought the mirror was special. To think that my grandmother had gotten it as a gift for her birthday made it all the more special. But what did she mean when she wrote about it? No one could know but her.

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