Being A Vampire Bites

Elizabeth, 15 year-old teenage vampire, has been around since the 1700s, getting assigned to various vampire families so she can remain undetected. Elizabeth just lost her previous foster parents and for the first time in her life she has been assigned to a human family. The VA (Vampire Association) tell her that no matter what she'll have to keep the fact that she's a vampire a secret from them. To make the transition harder, she finds herself crushing on a human boy. Find out what she'll do to protect her secret from the people she now calls family.


3. Meeting

About a week after I arrived at the VAA, Mary came in looking as if she just won the lottery. As soon as she walked in, I knew I'd be recieving the identity of my new family today. This is the third time this has happened, but the last time was two millenium ago, and the first was simply when they relocated me after I turned. Since my last relocation was so long ago, that's why I thought of my last foster parents as my actual birth parents. I can't even remember my real birth parents since it was nearly three millenium since I last saw them.

"Well,we all think that you've been here long enough, you including," She begins, "Now, if you would just come with me." She unhooks me from the bed and leads me into another room full of people, all looking stern and ready to get this over with. She then puts me in the chair closest to the door, as if to make sure I don't bother the the stuckup vampires on my way out. I feel as if it's my job to irritate people who think they're all that, so I just do what I'm naturally good at. I stand up and push my chair in, so that instead I stand. I can tell this annoys them since I see a couple shift in their seats and the rest just roll their eyes at me. I hear one of them whisper about how disrespectful I am. Good, let them know that I'm not someone they can just push around, I smirked to myself.

"So, which lucky family is going to have the honor of me as their beloved 'daughter'," I joke.

"Let's see, according to this, you'll be relocated to Chicago, Illinois. From this point on, your legal name is Elizabeth Hannah Jones and your parents' first names are Ash and Miranda." The man closest to me says.

"Okay, so when am I getting out of this place? And when am I going to get my stuff back?" I ask.

"Good question, you'll be sent away as soon as this meeting is adjourned. As for your belongings, I'm afraid you won't be getting them back. You see, the people who are taking care of you believe you are a human foster child, and you lost everything, including your parents, in a tragic house fire."

"Wait, what? I don't even get any of my stuff? And what's this about pretending to be human?" I demand.

"I'm sorry, but we can't risk your new parents finding out about what you are. We really didn't want you to get a human family, but all our other willing vampires already have enough 'children' to take care of. You wouldn't believe how many teenagers want to become vampires nowadays. My money's on all those vampire movies that are being made." He said chuckling. "I believe that's all we need to talk over, so if you would please exit the room and follow Herbert to the airport."

I glared back at him, but he simply just watched me exit the room, not saying another word. On my way out I thought about why the others were even there if all they would do is just sit there and shuffle through papers. Herbert led me out of the building to take me to the airport, and I just ignored him the entire time there. He brought me in and stayed with me until he was sure I was staying on the plane. I don't blame him, I probably would of bailed if he wasn't there. As soon as I settled in I fell asleep the entire plane ride there.

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