So Much For A Secret

When Jane is walking home she bumps into someone and its the one and only Niall Horan but what did she care she hated them all of them especially Liam he went threw way to much to see her again but its not a old friendship its something way worse but will she be able to keep the secret or will it only be SO MUCH FOR A SECRET


1. When We Met

''Bye Jane see ya later,'' i was on my way home from school i lived alone since my parents died leaving me and my brother separated we were in a carcrash my two parents died and my brother left me alone my dad tried to kill me and my brother but instead it was him and my mother

''ow,''  i bumped into someone while still in my thoughts

''please don't scream i'll do anything,'' I look up to see Niall Horan from One Direction 

''get off of me im not a fan,'' iyell taking his hand off my mouth


''i'm Jane,'' i say shaking his hand ''where are your other band mates,'' i ask sarcastically

''who cares i got in a fight then i quit,''

''can i talk to you for a second,'' i ask

''yeah sure,''

''come one lets go to my place,''fhn

~At Jane's Place~

~Nialls P.O.V~

(already know each other now)

''Why can't i quit,'' i ask

''think about your fans niall the people you love and  the people who love you think about your fans,'' she had a good point

''your right,'' i say

''im always right,'' she laughed she was beautiful the way her blond hair makes her blue crystal eyes glow she was almost perfect

''umm.. can i have your number,'' i asked a little shyly


''ya know if i need someone to talk to them i can juts call you,'' i lied. i wanted her number so i could talk to her, call her mine she was beautiful

''Do you wanna do something tomorrow night or something?''i ask

''i'd like that,'' i say walking him to the door

''see ya tomorrow,''  say giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek after she did the same

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