So Much For A Secret

When Jane is walking home she bumps into someone and its the one and only Niall Horan but what did she care she hated them all of them especially Liam he went threw way to much to see her again but its not a old friendship its something way worse but will she be able to keep the secret or will it only be SO MUCH FOR A SECRET


3. Reunite

Nialls P.O.V

''so there i ma walking to see Valentina when she calls

''hello,'' someone calls

''hello who is this,'' i ask

''Valentinas friend is this niall horan,''


''she fainted and she wants to see you

''what oh my gosh i'll be right there,'' i yell know running

''OMG its Niall Horan can i please have your autograph,'' a fan asked

''yea sure i say taking a picture and signing an autograph,''

''quick question are you and that Valentina girl dating,''

''not yet,'' i say a little upset

''oh thats a shame shes so pretty you to would be cute,''

''thanks,'' i say as she walked away, i see valentinas house and I run to the door and knock not 3 seconds later it swings open

''omg its Niall Horan, Valentinas awake were all upstairs,'' she says inviting me in

''thanks,'' i say

''come on all show you,'' she says walking up the stairs  ''right in here,'' she says opening the door

''Niall!'' Valentina screams running up to me

''Hey babe are you ok?'' i ask


''so what happened,'' i ask

''paparazzi happened,'' she laughed 

''we'll leave you to alone,'' her friend says

''ok bye,'' i say

''I want you to meet the boys get ready and we can go,'' i say 

Valentinas P.O.V

he wants me to meet the boys like now!! that can't happen

''right now im not in the mood to meet the other 4/5 of the hottest boy band in the world,'' i lied

''Valentina,'' niall wines making a pouty face i couldn't resist that

''fine just give me a second to get changed ok,'' i sigh

''Thank you,'' he smiles

''what ever,'' i laugh

~At The Boys House~

''here we are,'' he says opening the door ''Casa De Direction,''

''were is everyone,''I ask looking around

''boys,'' Niall calls up the stairs

''were here,'' they all say running down the stairs

''met my new friend Valentina,'' he says they gather around me in a bear hug

''guys get off of her,'' Nial playfully whines 

they all get off of me and intrude themselves

''I'm harry,''

''I'm Liam,''

''Im Louis,''

''I'm Zayn,''

they say pulling me into another individual hug thank good  he didn't notice or maybe he didn't say anything i hope he didn't remember because man i hated him i would never forgive him for what he did to me

''Thank you so much for convincing niall to stay in the band,'' Liam said

''No problem i'm not a fan but my friends are everyone would be crying over the fact that Niall asnt part of the band anymore,'' I say

''come take a seat,'' niall says walking into the living room 

Mystery P.O.V

that was her that was Valentina after all those harsh full years she doing ok all by herself, she probably doesn't even remember me but i have to find out wow she was beautiful she looked so familiar I missed her all those years she is the reason we're still together shes helped us with our huge problem i missed her so much

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