So Much For A Secret

When Jane is walking home she bumps into someone and its the one and only Niall Horan but what did she care she hated them all of them especially Liam he went threw way to much to see her again but its not a old friendship its something way worse but will she be able to keep the secret or will it only be SO MUCH FOR A SECRET


4. Reunite (Does He/She Remember

~still at the boys house~

Valentinas P.O.V

''Hey guys lets play truth or dare," Lou screams from the other room

"i love that game," I yell back

"I'll go get a bottle," niall says running into the kitchen and taking out a water bottle from the fridge

"lets get in a circle very body chop,chop," Lou sassys coming into the circle already formed

"whose first,"i ask looking around the circle

''you can I go first," I says looking around the circle to see every nodding their heads 

"ok," i say spinning the bottle

"Valentina Truth or Dare ," I ask

"Dare," He says

"mm.. I dare you to switch clothes with beep until,," Niall looks At his IPhone "guys we have an interview tomorrow,'' Niall says 

"until 3:00 in the morning," Harry screams

"but guuuyyyys,," i whine

"but its a daaaaareeee...."they all mock me so i slap the two next to me Zayn and Harry

( cant tell you Valentina and who and what happened between them too)

"fine come on lets go," i say grabbing his arm and dragging him into the door and closing it

"hey Valentina o you Um... remember,'' about ya'' he asks rubbing the back of his neck

"what are you talking about," i asked trying to sound confused

"um..nevermind,'' he changes the topic

''ill go into the bathroom and take of my clothes and give them to you you do the same," i say

"sure..thats a good idea,"

"thanks Liam,'' i say running into the bathroom 

i took of my clothes and threw them outside the door waiting for liam to give me his

'knock,knock' it was Liam 

"thanks," i say closing the door to put on his clothes

~Liams P.O.V~

she didn't remember, she didn't remember me at all I loved her so much and after i left her 6 years ago because i was stupid and upset

"all ready are you?"she asks through the door

"yea," i say looking down at her clothes her jeans were really tight and her shirt was really exposing my stomach

"you look terrible," she says laughing really hard her laugh had not changed since she was little

"Val did you really forget," i ask

~Valentina's P.O.V~

"No," i say looking at the ground

"what the heck?!? why did you say you did,'" he yelled

"because Liam, i wanted to forget about the guy that left me at the age of 13 all alone thinking she could take care of herself , when she had no money, no food, no home and no one to protect because her douchebag brother was a stupid useless jerk, i had a boyfriend Liam,'' i started to yell back with tears rolling down my cheek  "He said he loved me and wanted me to move in with him then he abused me and used me as a sex slave i still have bruises you know why? that stopped 1 week and i always thought someone i loved would burst through the front door and help me and so many people came through my mind and do you know how many times you came through my mind?''

"A Lot?'' he answered i smiled still flooding tears

"No you didn't even come through my mind once and he abused me for 4 years not once did i think of you my so called brother the boy who was suppose to protect me from this,'' 





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