So Much For A Secret

When Jane is walking home she bumps into someone and its the one and only Niall Horan but what did she care she hated them all of them especially Liam he went threw way to much to see her again but its not a old friendship its something way worse but will she be able to keep the secret or will it only be SO MUCH FOR A SECRET


2. (NOT) Some Ordinary Day

~the Next Day~

Jane's P.O.V

i got dressed did my makeup aye breakfast put my shoes on and grabbed my bag to head to school my normal rotine i walk out the door and im suddenly blinded by all these paparazzi, 

''are you and niall a thing ? A thing are you too dating?''so many questions

''No and me and Niall are just friends,'' i say making my way to my car driving to school

'how do they already know but me and niall, not that we're a thing' i though as i got to school Becka and Gabby my friends ran toward me

''I can't believe you meet The Niall Horan and didn't tell aus,''Gabby whispered so no one would see nor hear us

''me neither i was walking home from school and bumped into him he wanted to get to know me and that was that,'' i lied

''you didn't get his number?'' asked Gabby

''No,'' i lied again then a bunch of girls came running towards me

''omg do you have the boys number,can you hook me up one of the boys,'' they all trampled me down to the ground (Rhyme) and i felt so sleepy thinking i hadn't gotten a good night sleep i closed my eyes after hearing 


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