Loving You Is Too Easy

When Kelsey goes to a One Direction concert with her 2 best friends she never expected Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan to fall DEEPLY in love with her. When she sees them the next day leaving for their next tour louis slips his number in her pocket and gets back on the buss. Will niall and louis fight over her? Or will one give up and Love forever. Read this story and find out more!


3. Tonight

Kelsey smiled and blushed. Niall looked directly into her eyes again and smiled. He mouthed something, Some girls think he said 'I love you' or 'I hate you' but Kelsey didn't see it.

After the concert Kelsey seemed a little down. She felt lost without them around. Just after a concert how much it can CHANGE your thought, your feelings. Just that one feeling of them their in your arms as they hold you in your heart.... Your life. Jazz smiled at her when the got outside.

"Can you believe he did that!" She smiled. Kelsey just nodded.

"Yea... Amazing right..." she whispered.

Kelsey got home and a tear ran down her face. She wanted to go back to that on the stage. She ran to her room and layed on her bed. She finally fell asleep.. But had the most weirdest dream... She was standing there... Just standing there... When niall came over and looked her in the eyes and sang to her... he put his forehead on hers and smiled right into her eyes.

She woke up panting in her bed, She didn't remember the dream at all. Her mother called for her to come downstairs and she rushed downstairs sweat filled her forehead and dimples popped out from the side of her lips of the smile.

"We need to go downtown by the arena... You want to come baby doll?" her mother asked her. kelsey screamed and jumped.

"OF COURSE!" She just hoped that niall and louis were still there.

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