Loving You Is Too Easy

When Kelsey goes to a One Direction concert with her 2 best friends she never expected Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan to fall DEEPLY in love with her. When she sees them the next day leaving for their next tour louis slips his number in her pocket and gets back on the buss. Will niall and louis fight over her? Or will one give up and Love forever. Read this story and find out more!


6. The text from Louis

When Kelsey got in the car she shoved the note in her purse and grabbed out the phone and texted Louis.

'Hi Louis, Its Kelsey!'

'Hey Love, How Are you?'

'Just in the car heading home, You?'

'In the buss with the boys about to take off.'

'Awesome, I wish i was still there...'

'Aw babe its alright, We will stop by later.'

Kelsey looked at the phone again and couldn't believe her eyes... LOUIS TOMLINSON, Said that they would all stop by her house before they leave for there next concert.


'Love, Can i ask you something?'

'Sure Louis, Anything!'

'Do you... like me?'

'OF COURSE! Your LOUIS TOMLINSON, your my dream person!!'

Why would he ask me that?, She thought.

'Well, The thing is. I.... Like you, a lot.'



'Honey... I really fell in love with you, I can't get you out of my mind. And i know that Niall really likes you too. But... I just feel like, I was ment to be with you. Only you.'

Louis... Louis... Louis Tomlinson, Texting her... Saying he LOVES her.

'Oh my god... Really?'

'Yes, Only you.'

'Well then i got a question for you.'


Kelsey... Kelsey Spades, was about to ask THE Louis Tomlinson out...

'Will you go on a date with me?'

It took louis a minute to respond to her text, But he finally did. And the answer couldn't make anyone happier than her.

'Of course. I'll meet you at your house, Ill take the privet car, Meet me in your backyard. Love you.'

'Love you too.'

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