Loving You Is Too Easy

When Kelsey goes to a One Direction concert with her 2 best friends she never expected Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan to fall DEEPLY in love with her. When she sees them the next day leaving for their next tour louis slips his number in her pocket and gets back on the buss. Will niall and louis fight over her? Or will one give up and Love forever. Read this story and find out more!


4. Nialls Lips

After Kelsey got dressed her and her family left. When they pulled up to the arena parking lot her and her sister popped out right away.

"I'm gonna go walk around the arena in the front. Okay mom?" her mom nodded and got out of the car. Kelsey ran down the stairs from the arena parking lot. When she got to the bottom she saw a black buss.... It said something on it. Kelsey walked around it more and saw what it said. 'UP ALL NIGHT' Kelsey about passed out. One Direction.

Kelsey sat down on the sidewalk against the building and tried to calm down... What she didn't know is that Niall is looking out the Buss window out at her. Smiling, Knowing its her. She saw a shadow next to her... Not hers.

"You alright baby?" a boys voice said. She didn't look up she just stood up and brushed him off.

"Yea im fine..." she said with dissapointment. She took a look at his face and turned around and walked away...

"Love? Do you remember me... Last night.." he said again. After that she stopped. She stood there smiling. He put his hand on her shoulder. "Do you?" he said.

She turned around and hid her face in her sweater, "You don't wanna see me without my makeup Niall." she smiled and a tear started down her face. Niall just smiled.

"I bet your still beautiful. Come on babe. Let me see your face." he pulled down the sweater from her face and smiled. "Beautiful." he said. She blushed. She never knew NIALL... THE NIALL HORAN, from ONE DIRECTION, to compliment HER.

"Come on. Our tour buss isnt leaving for another 3 hours. Come inside." he wrapped his arm around her and smiled. Another Sweet day for dear Kelsey.

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