Loving You Is Too Easy

When Kelsey goes to a One Direction concert with her 2 best friends she never expected Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan to fall DEEPLY in love with her. When she sees them the next day leaving for their next tour louis slips his number in her pocket and gets back on the buss. Will niall and louis fight over her? Or will one give up and Love forever. Read this story and find out more!


5. Louis Number

When Kelsey got in the tour buss she was amazed. Louis stood up and smiled at her. Niall blocked her from Louis and she sat down on a couch with him.

"Who's that?" Harry asked. Her smiled at her and held out his hand in a shaking motion, "No offense love," he said with a blush.

"This is the girl i brought on stage last night.. I fell in love with her last night. Right when i saw her bright green eyes." he said. Kelsey blushed. Liam burst in through the door his jacket was half off and his eyes were popping out of his socket.

"MAN! Our fans are CRAZY!" he said. He stopped right away. "Wait... WHO'S SHE!" he said smiling.

Niall leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, "The girl I pulled up on stage last night." he said.

Kelsey stood up, asking the most stupid question she asked "Wheres Zayn?" she asked. All of them stood up, They all looked at each other.

"Oh shit." Niall said. Liam looked out the door and running up the street was Zayn, running from a crowd of crazy girls. He finally came to the doors and ran on the buss yelling curses behind him.

"Wow.... We ARE crazy..." Kelsey said. They all laughed and smiled.

Two hours later, of laughter, smiling, and memories exchanged it was time for Kelsey to leave. She wanted to cry but she knew she COULDN'T. She stood up and breathed heavily.

"I have to go. My moms going to wonder where I'm at.." she said. All the boys hugged her but Louis. He had a piece of paper in hes hand, He walked over and hugged her, Even kissed her on the cheek. He slipped the paper in her pocket and whispered in her ear.

"Don't look at it till your out of here please, love." he smiled and gave her another smooch on the cheek and let go. Niall was smiling at her. He walked her out of the buss and smiled directly into her eyes, She did the same back. They both leaned in. One kiss that moment was exchanged between the two.

While Kelsey was walking back to the car she pulled out the note. She opened it up and read it.... It was Louis number... She has louis number, She thought.

She just didn't know that Two boys were in love with her. And they couldn't be near here for a while.

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