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  • Published: 2 Oct 2012
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This is my first fan fiction please no hate.

Missy just moves to Doncaster with her two parents who are hardcore excersize fanatics. She knows no one but she does get along well with the people from her new town. Within her first week she has shown up the schools best quarterback and has also made a new friend in the music store. With a passion for music, sports, and performance she finds herself becoming more comfortable with her new way of life. For the longest time her love for music was hidden but what will happen when she lands a job at the music store and ends up running into some very famous boys with a need to find a new opening act for there new tour... Read for more!!


11. The Plans

i woke up to the sun streaming in through my balcony window. I guess i kind of forgot to tell you my parents are fairly rich. They have gyms all over the world that we own, there is one in ever province in Canada, sometimes even more than that it depends on the population and popularity of fitness centers there. we have 4 spaced out in the states im not quite sure where exactly, and then there is 2 in australia and 1 in England now. why we moved partially so my parents tell me.

i remember all the events of last night so clearly, Harry and i sang a duet while Niall played the guitar. Mainly it was just us randomly singing lyrics from different songs but it was still alot of fun. i havent had that much fun since the night 5 years ago when me and my five best friends had a Harry Potter marathon and pulled an all nighter. we stayed up all night watching one movie after the other and between the movies we would put our faces in ice water to wake up (it worked) and also jumped outside on the trampoline as well. i miss those girls, but they never really payed much attention to me unless something was wrong with me. oh well, i have Sara and the boys now.

we didnt get back until 3 in the morning, Sara and i were going to stay at her place but decided since my place was closer it would be smarter than driving all the way to hers at that time of day. i dropped the boys off at the music shop so that they could get there vehicle and head home.


i look over to see my phone buzzing on my nightstand. i look at the screen to see its only 7 am, i look at the message and see its from Hazza<3... who? i dont remember putting this number in my phone. i unlock my phone and read the message from`Hazza<3`

Hazza<3: Hey beautiful, its Harry... btw you should never trust your phone with me and the lads ;)

i laugh at this remembering how they took my phone and were taking pictures and writing silly notes into my phone. they must have been placing their numbers into it as well. typical. i laugh again

Me: Well hello there Hazza<3... Hazza? why not just Harry?

Hazza<3: because its original :)

Me: ah i see ;) well what are you doing up at this unGodly time of morning?

Hazza<3: thinking about you ;)

Me: oh ya? and why are you doing that?

Hazza<3: why wouldnt i be thinking of such a beautiful and amazing girl like yourself? ;)

Me: you are such a flirt! but thank you :)

Hazza<3: ;) you like it... so what are you up to today?

Me: ummm, nothing i dont have to work till Monday so i am off... i think Sara and i were going to go shopping maybe, then a movie... im not to sure.... wait, why?

Hazza<3: because i still want to get to know you, and Louis wants to spend the day with Sarabear... as he calls her.

Me: well when Sara wakes up how bout i call you and we make a plan for all of us to hangout?

Hazza<3: PERFECT! ;) cant wait to see your pretty face again ;)

Me: flirt ;)

Hazza<3: just saying it how it is babe ;)

Me: alright go to sleep i will talk to you in maybe an hour depending on when Sara wakes up.

Hazza<3: okay bye love!


i giggle at that, why? im not to sure honestly. but he was cute! i do like him their is no hiding that, and he told me last night that he liked me so.... eek! he was only a few months older than me my birthday being in June.

``morning.`` Sara grumbles in her tired voice

``ready for another day with Lou?`` i wink at her

``what do you mean? i thought we were going shopping then a movie?`` she asks with wide eyes

``oh, well if you dont want them to come with us then i can always tell Harry to tell Louis that he cant spend the day with his Sarabear.`` i giggle as her cheeks grow insanely red.

``no they can come.`` she smiles

``awesome i will call Harry.`` i pick up my phone and click call on Harry`s contact.

``you like him dont you?`` sara asks as the phone rings

``yeah, i really do... i mean he is so sweet and funny and caring and goodlooking and ugh! i dont know he is just everything i have ever wanted in a guy.`` i say... i listen and there is no ringing on the other end, i look at my screen to see that the call has been conected... 30 seconds ago! that means he heard that! yikes!!

``talking about me are we?`` i hear his deep british accent through the phone

``maybe....`` i feel my face go red as i look at Sara who is laughing at my embarrassment.

``oh Harry! i love you sooooo much! i always have! you are my forever. please be miiiiine!`` Sara yells into the phone as i try and shut her up, when she finally does i hear Harry chuckling on the other end.

``that was Sara...`` i mummble

``i know babe, but admit it you like me.`` i can tell he is smirking on the other end

``like i said, maybe`` i let out a little laugh ``alright so the plan is we are going shopping at the mall then going to catch a movie at around 7?`` Sara nods to me ``yeah 7.``

``ok we going for dinner?`` he asks casually

``yeah we can stop and grab a bite before the movie`` i say

`` alright when we meeting up and where?`` harry asks

``in an hour at the music shop how about?``

``sounds good see you then! bye love.``

``bye`` i hang up and look at Sara

``time to get beautified Miss!`` she shreiks before grabbing my hand and pulling me out of bed towards my wardrobe. little did i know what she was about to do...

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