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  • Published: 2 Oct 2012
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This is my first fan fiction please no hate.

Missy just moves to Doncaster with her two parents who are hardcore excersize fanatics. She knows no one but she does get along well with the people from her new town. Within her first week she has shown up the schools best quarterback and has also made a new friend in the music store. With a passion for music, sports, and performance she finds herself becoming more comfortable with her new way of life. For the longest time her love for music was hidden but what will happen when she lands a job at the music store and ends up running into some very famous boys with a need to find a new opening act for there new tour... Read for more!!


26. The Performance

Missy POV

Tonights the night of the Christmas musical... i am silently freaking out inside!

``you will be amazing as always.`` i hear a rough silent voice behind me then feel a set of soft lips on the back of my neck. i feel a shiver go through my body. i turn around to face him

``what the hell are you doing?!`` i whisper yell

``come on Missy, i was just boosting your confidence.`` he smirks cheekily.

``you were told to leave me alone Zac.`` i snarl at Zac, i turn and walk to the set of mirrors and finish applying my bright red lipstick. and when i say bright i mean BRIGHT. i look down and readjust my matching bright red dress with white cuffs on the long sleeves and white fuzz around the edge of the dress that is at my mid thigh. my long blonde hair is in a fishtail braid on the side. i look up into the full length mirror and see Zac staring at me smiling. ``GO AWAY YOU PERVE`` i almost yell before storming off to the edge of the curtains where i peek out slightly to see Harry, Louis, Niall, Kierstin, Zayn, and Liam sitting in the very front middle row. great... i think to myself

Harry notices me and waves enthusiastically while smiling like an idiot. i cant help but smile back happily. i feel a hand smack my ass so i quickly fling the curtain back over the gap and turn around to see Zac standing there.

``is there something wrong with your effing ears!!!?`` i ask angrilly

``no`` he chuckles

``then what part of leave me alone do you not understand!!???``

``I understand it perfectly... but that doesnt mean im going to listen.`` he stays walking closer to me

``there are so many things wrong with you, now seriously LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!`` I almost yell as i storm off.

``wheres the fire?`` Sarah chuckles at me as i storm into the girls changroom to see her dressed up in a white tight fitting long dress with a mermaid style. it has a sweetheart neckline. She is an angel, so she also has big feathery angel wings.

``Zac`` is all i say and she nods in disgust.

``forget that loser ... because tonight is going to be magic.`` she chirps happily

``heck yes!`` i giggle

``come on Missy baby, tonight is your night to shine. so lets sing like angels.`` she giggles gesturing to herself. ``and dance your little ass off, and have fun!`` we both laugh and head out of the changeroom, i notice Zac standing with the large group of people waiting for the lights to dim. as if on que the lights dim and i walk to the front of the group of people. my song is first, i breath in and out nervously, i feel a tickle on my neck and hear Zacs husky voice talk to my ear.

``break a leg baby.`` i whip my fist around and nail him in the gut

``one im not your baby and two, get away from me!`` i whisper yell as my music starts up. i step out onto stage and a single spotlight hits me, my first song is `All I Want For Christmas` its a duet with this boy named Jared, he looks super fit in his black pants and white dress shirt. we have practiced this to the point where its flawless in our eyes. the only thing im concerned about is the end of the song where he dips me in a fancy dance move and we are supposed to look like we kiss. so far we havent actually kissed during practice but our director told us to do it for the final show because then it would be more believable. i hadnt told Harry though...

``all i want for christmas is yoooou...`` we finish then he dips me flawlessly and leans in and kisses me ever so slightly. i feel nothing but i pretend its what i want, because... well this is acting.

*after show*

``and Missy Ewoll!!`` i hear my name announced so i skip onto stage smiling from ear to ear, i stand in the very center looking down at Harry and the rest of the boys along with Kierstin and ... SIMON COWELL!!!!!???

They are all standing up and clapping with huge grins on their faces, i look to my left to see Sarah standing there smiling like a fool, probably looking exactly like me. we all bow together and the auditorium erupts in an even louder applause if possible.

we rush off stage, and as soon as i get back there i rush out to Harry, i jump into his arms still in my costume and hug him tightly as he does the same.

``you were amazing babe`` he says smiling from ear to ear as i pull back from him still in his arms

``thank you.`` i giggle then jump down so that i can hug everyone else.

Sarah and i get bombarded with hugs and congratulations. we are so proud of ourselves its crazy honestly.

``so you`re the infamous Missy Ewoll`` Simon says extending his hand towards me

``yes sir.`` i say shyly but confidently

``well you definitly have yourself a very pretty voice for such a tiny girl.`` he says kindly

``thank you sir.`` i smile greatfully at him.

``so this is the girl you want on tour?`` he asks the boys and they all nod eagerly. ``and you are willing?``

``yes sir`` i nod still smiling

``ok, well then get packed my dear, your coming to London Sunday morning with the lads and then we will be recording some songs and signing a contract.`` thats it? thats all it takes?! what they heck! ``but we need the entire of management to approve of you so you have to audition in a way.`` he says before waving goodbye and leaving.

``sir?`` Niall chuckles at me

``what? i was just being polite!`` i say defending myself

``suck up...`` Louis coughs and everyone laughs including me.

``alright lets go, we have alot of packing to do tomorrow.`` Harry winks at me taking my hand and leading my back to the stage doors so me and Sarah can go and change out of our costumes.

once we are changed me leave with one final punch to Zac from me and a slap from Sarah then we link arms and head to the boys.

``lets get this show on the road!`` i practically yell

``uhmm, the show is over Missy...`` Niall says confusion written on his face as his arm is wrapped around Kierstins waist.

``baby, its a Canadian saying for `lets get going``` Kierstin giggles and kisses Nialls cheek as understanding dawns on his face (i honestly dont know if they use that in the UK so if they do then its just for this story)

``alright, then... lets get this show on the road!`` he cheers

``i just said that Ni..`` i giggle and everyone laughs as well. with that we leave everyone happy and everything great in the world.


*authors note*

sorry it took so long to update loves!


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