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  • Published: 2 Oct 2012
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This is my first fan fiction please no hate.

Missy just moves to Doncaster with her two parents who are hardcore excersize fanatics. She knows no one but she does get along well with the people from her new town. Within her first week she has shown up the schools best quarterback and has also made a new friend in the music store. With a passion for music, sports, and performance she finds herself becoming more comfortable with her new way of life. For the longest time her love for music was hidden but what will happen when she lands a job at the music store and ends up running into some very famous boys with a need to find a new opening act for there new tour... Read for more!!


8. Old Found Love

Sara POV

I couldn't believe Amber... I mean she was being suh a bitch! She used to be sweet but ever since she started dating Paul things have changed, and besides she doesn't even like Missy so why is she trying to prove herself to her?
I thought it was pretty impressive how Missy stood up to Amber... If she wasn't the head cheerleader then I would be able to stand up to her without being afraid to lose my spot on the squad. Ugh highschool sucks!!!
Wait... Is Missy talking with ONE DIRECTION??!! I can't believe this!!
"Sara...?" Missy waves her tiny hand infront I my face causin me to jump out of my fantasies.
"hmm?" I squeak wow Sara you are sooooo not keepin your cool right now!!
"you ok?" she asks concerned
"oh uh ya! Never better!!" I laugh uneasily
"anyways I was trying to introduce you to the boys." she explains in her Canadian accent "this is Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn, an Louis."
"pleased to meet you... I'm a huge fan." I smile widely as they shake my hand
"awesome! Missy here didn't have a clue who we were" Zayn laughs nudging Missy... Ugh he was so hot! They all were! Posters and television did nothing but ruin their perfection. I wonder if Louis Remebers me... I hope so I was crazy about him before he left.
"ugh Canadians eh?" I joke back as we all laugh

Louis POV
"ugh Canadians eh?" Sara jokes... I thought Missy's accent was Canadian... I am good!
Sara and I lock eyes and I feel my stomach turn into knots... I suddenly remember her... She I Sara Goldin... I had the HUGEST crush on her, she was still beautiful but more than I remember... Her captivating hazel eyes shining in the fire light, her blonde hair glowing, her small red lips just as kissable as I remember, all in all she was my dream girl... I never told her she was a year below me in school and even though I was older I could never find the confidence to ask her out. I don't think I do still!.
"wait are you the Sara Lou told us about?" leave it to Harry to blab like that!
"uhm I don't know... Am I?" Sara blushes and smirks
"Goldin...? Right Louis?" Liam asks... Would these guys just shutup!!!
"that's my last name... You talked about me?" Sara asks coming closer to me
"uh... I-I... Uh..." I stammer unable to speak... I have loved this girl for 2 years without speaking to her more than once and the only time I did talk to her was when she asked me if she could get past me to use the pencil sharpener in the library.
"all the time! He was mad about you!" Niall laughs my face goes red and I look back at Sara to see she is only 2 feet away from me.
"well that's really cute Louis." she winks
"ok lovebirds let's go to the fire I'm freezing my little Canadian ass off over here!!" Missy yells we all laugh and go towards the fire.
Sara slips her hand in mine as we stand by the fire. I couldn't help but feel complete bliss as I stand beside her.
"by the way... I was head over heels for you in school to." she whispers in my ear... I smile and turn to give her a peck on the cheek before turning back to the fire and enjoying the rest of the night.
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