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  • Published: 2 Oct 2012
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This is my first fan fiction please no hate.

Missy just moves to Doncaster with her two parents who are hardcore excersize fanatics. She knows no one but she does get along well with the people from her new town. Within her first week she has shown up the schools best quarterback and has also made a new friend in the music store. With a passion for music, sports, and performance she finds herself becoming more comfortable with her new way of life. For the longest time her love for music was hidden but what will happen when she lands a job at the music store and ends up running into some very famous boys with a need to find a new opening act for there new tour... Read for more!!


6. Meeting Them All

I looked at my phone. 6:45, if i wanted to go to the pep rally i would have to skip going home after work... in all honesty, i REALLY don`t want to go but i`m afraid if i don`t go i`ll be bullied or i will miss out on a really great experience.

Sara has been trying to convince me to go. She was, shockingly, a cheerleader. She was one of Amber`s friends... the really snobby girl from before, aparently she was the most popluar girl in this school, her parents are superly rich and so in my opinion everyone just doesnt want to get her mad. oh well she has at least left me alone since the end of me being on the football team.

i hear the bell of the store door ding, i head to the register since Rita had to run out for a few minutes to do some things at the bank before it closes for the weekend. i was expecting Rita to just be back but instead i was greeted by five boys. Louis and Harry among them.

``hey Missy!`` Louis yells when he sees me, i laugh at his enthusiasm

``hey Louis... Right?`` i ask pretending i dont remember him.

``yeah, you remembered!`` he smiles

`` and Harry right?``i giggle as i point to Harry

``yup`` he says emphasizing the `p`

``these are our friends...`` Louis begins

``Liam, Niall, and Zayn.`` Harry interupts

``Harrrrrryyyyy! i wanted to introduce them!`` Louis whines

``sorry Boobear`` Harry places an arm around Louis as i laugh at the fact that he just called Louis Boobear... what an unusual name!

``so can i help you boys?`` i ask as i notice that it was only 5 minutes now until 7, closing time.

``not unless you can get us an opening act for tour!`` Liam says smiling with a laugh.

``oh yeah for sure, ya know i can soooo be that person!`` i reply sarcastically

``ooooo!!! yes! my grandma says your and angel when you sing!`` Louis exclaims

``yeah... i was completely kidding!`` i reply in fear, i already had to do the drama performance i dont think a tour would be such a good idea. wait.... tour!!!! ``wait.... what tour?``

``our bands tour.... ya know like music?`` Niall responds in confusion

`` what band?`` i ask honestly, i have no clue what they are talking about!

``One Direction...?`` Harry smirks

``ohhhh... the hot boyband!`` i exclaim and immediately clasp my hands over my mouth.... MISSY!! i mentally face palm, think before  you speak woman!

``hmm, hot boyband! did you hear that boys?`` Zayn smirks

``i uh... i ment... that hot... as in popular.... boyband!`` i stammer feeling my face go beat red. i look at the ground and close my eyes and just smile at the silliness of this all. they are goodlooking so why hide it? ``fine you guys are goodlooking alright!?``

they all laugh at me and i join them as well.

``your pretty goodlooking to Missy`` Harry winks

i look at the clock to see it is officially closing time. i quickly do everything to close the shop then i usher the boys out and lock the doors.

``well im going to a pep rally i guess so see you guys another time...`` i begin to walk towards my car, but before i can get in i hear five sets of footsteps running towards me. `` what guys?``

``can we come?`` Louis asks innocently

``umm... i guess?`` why would they want to come to a highschool pep rally? oh well, at least i will know people there now.

once we arrive at the pep rally, the cheerleaders are already doing their routine

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