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  • Published: 2 Oct 2012
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This is my first fan fiction please no hate.

Missy just moves to Doncaster with her two parents who are hardcore excersize fanatics. She knows no one but she does get along well with the people from her new town. Within her first week she has shown up the schools best quarterback and has also made a new friend in the music store. With a passion for music, sports, and performance she finds herself becoming more comfortable with her new way of life. For the longest time her love for music was hidden but what will happen when she lands a job at the music store and ends up running into some very famous boys with a need to find a new opening act for there new tour... Read for more!!


32. Killing Us

*authors note*

hello! so this time my message is before the chapter, sorry guys... but i need help with a band name and i want all of your guys`opinions! so let me know!


Missy POV

``why didnt you tell us?!`` Sarah yells at me smiling from ear to ear the following evening after a full day of recording, we ended up recording 5 originals... Gotta Love; Staying Strong; Never Forever; Ordinary Girl; and Invisible. it was amazing.

``cause it wasnt for sure or anything, it was just a thought and Simon didnt want to get your hopes up in case management didnt like it.``i explain giggling on the couch curled up with the girls, including Perrie and Danielle. The boys had gone out to get some drinks or something, they werent to specific but what we did know was that they wouldnt be back for awhile meaning it was girls night just as much as it was boys night.

``so im assuming it went better than expected.`` Perrie says laughing at Kierstin who was in everyway, stuffing her face. we all laugh at her as well but she just shrugs her shoulders and makes a very creepy face letting us all know that she is enjoying her food way more than anyone could think possible

``for sure, so what did you gals do today?`` i ask casually

``honestly, we went to the mall and sat at a coffee shop all day. it was actually rather boring if you ask me.`` Danielle says rolling her eyes at Perries fake hurt facial expression

``we need to all go shopping together, that would be just sooo fun!`` Sarah says almost bouncing in her seat.

``yeah!`` we all agree fullheartedly

``what time are you guys done at the studio tomorrow?`` Perrie asks grabbing her mug of hot chocolate and taking a sip getting some whipped cream on the tip of her nose. i let a little giggle out before pretending like nothing was wrong. and so did everyone else. ``what...?`` she asks giving us a worried expression.

``oh nothing, and Jake said that we didnt have to come in tomorrow cause he wouldnt even be there at all so we are free all day tomorrow.`` i say smiling.

``awesome! so tomorrow we shop till we drop!`` Perrie exclaims happily

``wooo!`` Sarah says jumping up, i think the hot chocolate has made her hyper, or maybe it was the large bag of sugared sweets that she just ate all by herself.

``lets watch a movie then go to bed, we will leave at lets say 10?`` Danielle says sounding somewhat like Liam. we all nod and curl up on the same couch after i put in the Titanic. lets just say the boys all got home at the end when we were all crying our eyes out.

``whoa! what is going on?`` Liam says looking at all of us curled up and cuddling together while crying.

``that part makes me cry everytime`` Niall says looking at the screen with tears in his eyes.

``awe Ni!`` Sarah says before Niall squeezes onto the couch to sit next to Kierstin. he wraps her up in his arms and snuggles right in causing us all to get closer if that were possible on a two person couch that now had six people on it. when the movie ends we all get up awkwardly say our goodnights then head off to bed. 

*the next day*

``we`re off boys!`` Danielle yells from the front entrance where the girls are all standing. we all look the exact same for our outfits, black sweats, and tight vneck tshirts different colors, Danielle a deep blue, Sarah a bright red, Perrie a light pink, Kierstin a neon green and me a neon yellow. i wore a grey beanie ontop of my head while everyone else just put their hair in either a loose bun or a long ponytail.

 ``NOOOOOOOOO!!`` we hear being yelled and soon five shirtless boys with very messy hair come barreling into the hallway. soon i am thrown over a bare shoulder and am being taken down the hallway and back towards the bedroom where Harry stays. i cant help but giggle at the same time that i hit Harrys back repeatedly hoping that he will let me down

``Harry, i need to go shopping!`` i chuckle, letting out a scream when he throws me down onto the bed.

``then can we come please?`` Harry says leaning overtop of me looking into my eyes with his beautiful emerald ones.

``i dont have anything agianst it but its up to the other girls.`` i say kissing his cheek before pushing him off of me.

``so aparently the boys are coming with us?`` i hear from the doorway as i head back out to the front entrance. i just roll my eyes and laugh at the idiotic boys that are quickly pulling on sweats and tshirts. i have never known those boys to get ready so fast, although shockingly Zayn didnt even do his hair, like Harry and me he just threw a beanie on and we were all out the door.


*at the mall*

``you boys go that way and we will go this way.`` Perrie says as we stand in a row of shops at the mall

``whyyyy`` Louis whines grabbing hold of Sarah like his life depends on it.

``because i want a new bra!`` i practically yell grabbing Sarah from Louis` grasp and then us girls start to semi run away from the boys i hear abunch of `awes` and `we could help!` from behind causing us all to giggle before heading into Victorias Secret. we walk in and soon decide to go our separate ways in the store.

after Victorias Secret we go to a clubbing store where we decide to get dresses for going to a club later tonight.

``what about this?`` i hear Kierstin say holding up a gorgeous short neon purple and black dress with no straps and it was bunched in the chest area, it was beautiful! Kierstin walks over closer to me and the rest of the girls and holds up the dress infront of me.

``Mi, you HAVE to try it on!`` Perrie cheers clapping her hands and smiling at me. i look back at the dress and nod my head quickly before grabbing it and looking back at the racks, i wasnt going to try it on until everyone had a dress to try on. Perrie a short and tight black cocktail dress. Danielle a tight fitting dark blue dress with a small gem where the fabric meets between the boobs. Sarah found a bright red cocktail dress with thin gold straps that tie around the neck. and Kierstin found a dress with tight fitting corset and a flowy skirt that came to 2 inches above her knees, in a beautiful dark green with sparkles all over. we all walk to the changerooms at the same time that we hear the familiar voices of all of our boyfriends come into the store, they must have seen us through the window. we all change then come out into the sitting room infront of the changeroom doors, we all smile and start complimenting eachother on how amazing we all look, and in all honesty, we did... we look amazing. each in our own ways we were gorgeous. i turn around to face the entrance of the changeroom area when i hear whistles and scattered clapping.

``daaamn!`` Zayn says biting his knuckle obviously checking out Perrie.

``why are you so cruel to us?!`` Louis says dropping to his knees in dramatization like it was life or death.

``sorry boys, this is just the preshow.`` i say smirking before turning and heading back to change into my sweats and T.

after changing back into our normal clothes we head out to find matching shoes and then pay for our dresses and stilettoes... well i buy wedges but thats just because stilletoes would kill be unlike the  other girls who had the coordination to walk in 4 inch stilletoes all night. i just get 2 inch wedges and call it good.

``so we`re partying tonight?`` Harry says drapping his arms over my shoulders as we head out of the mall, each of us girls with at least 4 full bags from our shopping spree, the boys only with 2 bags each.

``yup!`` Sarah chirps from behind us.

``i heard of this amazing new club called Glass`` i say smiling at the girls, we had decided at Victorias Secret after hearing some girls talking about the new club and how it was the `hottest` new club in London that itd be fun to go and check it out tonight, since the girls and i dont have to be at the studio till 2 in the afternoon the next day. it was the perfect night to go clubbing since we were all 18 now and so itd be alot of fun to finally party all together.

``awesome, what time we going?`` Liam says unlocking the vehicle doors and opening them for us to all pile in, once we are all in the 15 seater van (we are classy like that) i shrug my shoulders, we hadnt decided on a time we just figured once we were all ready we would head out.

``great planning baby.`` Harry chuckles as he sits next to me

``better than what you do`` i say sticking my tongue out at him

``ok, you got me there.`` he laughs and shakes his head looking down at his lap.

i just kiss his cheek and lean into his side for the ride back to the flat. once we all pile out the girls and i rush into the flat and to the room that Kierstin Sarah and i are sharing and immediatly start to do our hair and makeup.

Perrie layers her eyes with thick black eyeliner on the top of her eye lashes and then purple eyeliner on the bottom... but not to thick of eyeliner, and then she makes her lashes super long making her gorgeous blue eyes stand out brilliantly. her lips collored in a deep red, and her light purple hair into a messy styled straightened mess that looked absolutely beautiful all the same. her tight fitting black dress making her long legs seem even longer and then the 4 inch black stilleto heels making her even taller as well.

Danielle had a light bit of mascara around her eyes making her eyes just completely pop with that little of makeup. she placed a light amount of pink lip gloss on her lips. her dark blue dress hugging her curves perfectly. and her naturally curly hair looking gorgeous as ever, she honestly didnt have to try i swear. on her feet a pair of bright blue heels that normally you wouldnt think of placing with the dress but somehow she pulled it off and somehow it looked amazing.

Sarah put on bright red lips just a shade lighter than Perries, she also layered her eyes in gold sparkle eyeliner ontop, and long thick black lashes layering the bottom and top of her eyes perfectly. her bright red dress matching her lips perfectly, the dress making her look as skinny as a model and more beautiful than one could imagine. she had a pair of tall gold stilletoes on her feet.

Kierstin in her gorgeous looking green dress was probably the most beautiful out of the five of us by far, we didnt see her wear alot of dresses but that was because there was never a need for it, her thick brown hair in beautiful crazy curls all over her head, her normally big brown eyes looked even more stunning with the extra length that the mascara gave for her eyes. she didnt do anything but mascara and clear lipgloss but it was amazing the way she looked. on her feet she placed a pair of heels that had straps up the the middle of her calf, some may think it would look strange but in all honesty it was beautiful and it matched her dress so well.

just looking at my gorgeous looking friends i felt self concious about myself. i had done my hair simple. i didnt curl or straighten my hair i just let my long thin blonde hair cascade down my back in a disordered mess of waves and curls that looked like i had spent hours trying to perfect them. i outlined me eyes in a dark black liquid eyeliner that made my bright green eyes become even more vibrant. i placed enough mascara on my eyelashes to make them curl perfectly and to stand at just the right length. i then put on purple sparkly mascara that goes over the other stuff to make them stand out even more. i put on a deep red lipstick that somehow looked really good on me, my white skin made it seem even darker than it really was. my tight purple dress hugging my every curve, in the store it looked like it would come up to just above my knee but when it was actually on it came to just above my mid thigh. my long legs seeming far to bare standing infront of the mirror next to all my friends looking at all of us, i was so much shorter than all of them, i looked like a little kid in all honesty, in only 2 inch boot wedges unlike the rest of them who were taller than me in the first place then plus the extra inches that they all wore.

``we are gorgeous.`` Sarah breathes happily. ``INSTAGRAM MOMENT!`` she yells before we all grab our iphones.

we take pictures from each of our phones separatly posing and having a good time just modelling infront of the full length mirror. after posting them to instagram on each of our accounts we grab our little clutches and head out to meet the boys in the living room. it was now 8:30pm so it was about time that we were ready to head out. we walk into the living room to see the boys crowded around their phones and making strange noises of happiness

``they better get out here soon.`` i hear Harry say obviously smiling. ``i cant wait to see them in person, i mean damn! look at those pics!!`` i let a giggle escape my lips realizing that they were looking at our instagram posts.

``again, you`re killing us!`` Louis says standing up with the rest of the boys to fully check us out. i mean who could blaim them? im not going to lie, we look absolutely phenominal!

``ready to party baby?`` i say walking over to Harry and grabbing his hand slightly tugging him towards the door, the boys werent dressed up to fancy they each had nice jeans or dress pants on along with a nice shirt, Liam wore a blue plaid shirt and some nice black slacks, Louis a white shirt and yellow/gold suspenders with red pants, Zayn a pair of beige trousers and a purple T with a nice cardi, Niall a pair of nice beige pants and a green button up shirt, and Harry a nice white dress shirt with a black suit jacket with a purple hankie in the chest pocket and black jeans. they looked amazing as well.

``never been more ready in my entire life.`` he says following me out of the house, we decide to take the big van so that we didnt need to have more than one D.D. (designated driver)

``party tiiime!`` Sarah yells as soon as we pull up to the venue.

``lets behave ourselves in their alright lads?`` Liam says looking sternly at Harry and Louis especially ``you to ladies.`` he says smirking at us girls since he has never been around a drunk Sarah, Kierstin or I... he had no idea what we would be like.

``no worries Li Li, just a few drinks, nothing to get worked up about.`` i say giggling before grabbing Harrys hand and heading towards the doors followed by everyone. as soon as the bouncer recognized the boys he let us in immediatly. we walked in and it was crazy. the smell of alcohol and sweat filled the air with a sweet aroma. i let go of Harrys hand and grabbed Kierstin and the girls and we headed towards the dance floor ready to bust a move and ready to make a difference in a club that we were just joining.



*authors note*

hello again, beginning and end of the chapter how lucky are you all? haha just kidding.

time for things to go down i think :) whats going to happen at the club? hmm... i wonder... ;)

Kierstin... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! haha just wanting to say thank you for all your support throughout this, its not over but thank you so much for always giving me help and giving me your honest opinion about my writing.

and thank you to everyone else who has messaged me and given me your opinion on my writing, means the world guys... really.

so again i need help with a band name, in the next few chapters is when the name will be released so i need it soon! i would love to use one of you guys` names for the girls band.

more fun facts? sure why not!

1. my all time favorite song right now is Holding Out For A Hero by Ella Mae Bowen... beautiful song, im also in love with One More Night by Maroon 5. me and my brother were waiting for the bus the other morning and we were singing different songs trying to sing the better song than the other person and then when i started singingOne More Night, he just glared and was like ``ok, there is nothing that compares now`` and im like ``nooooo!`` so i started singing Irresistible :) either way, i won :)

2. when its with my brother i am very competitive, i pretend not to be but i would do anything to beat him at a sport or at lifting more weight than him, or eating more food than him... i think i beat him with the food thing.

3. i have helped turn 8 people into directioners... booya! i was so happy :) my friend and i (after i turned her) got my other friend to listen to Truly Madly Deeply and she was immediatly in love, no joke... then we got her into all their other music and made her watch all the videos and now... well she is almost as hardcore as alot of people. proud moment :`)

4. i like to talk... alot! so im sorry if it bothers any of you!


well thats all for now!

hope you all have a wonderful weekend i might not write :( its gonna be pretty crazy round my house so im not sure, im going to try tho!



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