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  • Published: 2 Oct 2012
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This is my first fan fiction please no hate.

Missy just moves to Doncaster with her two parents who are hardcore excersize fanatics. She knows no one but she does get along well with the people from her new town. Within her first week she has shown up the schools best quarterback and has also made a new friend in the music store. With a passion for music, sports, and performance she finds herself becoming more comfortable with her new way of life. For the longest time her love for music was hidden but what will happen when she lands a job at the music store and ends up running into some very famous boys with a need to find a new opening act for there new tour... Read for more!!


14. Just Two Weeks

Harry POV

Sara and i traded spots, meaning i went with Missy... alone.

it was an awkward silence for a few minutes. i was thinking about the theatre and also about how little i have known her and yet i feel like i have known her for my entire life. she was sitting right next to me driving to her house humming quietly to the song on the radio. i remember yesterday at the bonfire how she sang beautifully and i couldnt help but wonder if i didnt have to end whatever we have here... maybe we could be together foreverr and she could come on tour as the opening act. it would be perfect!

"Missy?" i ask breaking the silence

"hmm?" she responds with a smile.

"do you think that if we started into a relationshiip... i mean like... MORE than friends... if we would last?" i ask shyly.

"Harry... i really like you, i honestly do! but... your famous.." i cut her off quickly

"but if there was a way that we could stay together even if i am famous then would you take the chance?"

"i-uh-i... w-well... listen im not saying i dont like you... cause i REALLY do... but im scared of getting hurt." she whispers

"i promise i will never hurt you... i swear on every bone in my body and every dollar in my pocket that i wont break your heart" i say quietly.


"no Missy please listen to me, i know that it will be hard for you to trust that i wont break you... but i really care about you and so does everyone else. we have two weeks before i go back to London, we only have two weeks till i leave... can we please just have these two weeks to be together? just these two weeks?" i beg quietly

"Harry... i..."


Missy POV

"Harry... i..." i cant think of the words to say i keep my eyes on the road ahead me. i wanted to say yes so badly but... its only two weeks! i sigh before i respond... " two weeks is a short time..."

"but if you come on tour with me then..." wait tour?

"harry what are you implying?"

"listen you have an amazing voice, you said today that its your dream to sing on stage. all you would need to do is a few songs before a concert every week... please Missy... i dont ever want to loose you."

"we just met Harry!" i didnt mean to yell but i did

"i know but i dont want to ever forget how im feeling right now... you JUST said that you like me to."

"i know..." this time i whispered my response. "ok..."

"ok what?" Harry asks i see him looking at me with a puzzled expression from the corner of my eye

"ok, two weeks and in those two weeks i will decide about the tour." i breath

"really?!" he jumped llike a little kid in his seat

"calm down styles... but i want proper dates." i joke

"great... so are we together?" he blushes

"not yet, you havent even asked me yet." i giggle

"ok... will you Missy Rae Ewoll give me the pleasure of calling you mine?" ugh his accent just gave me goosebumps!

"yes i will" i giggle

only two weeks.

two weeks to be with Harry...

two weeks to decide about tour...

two weeks to not get to attached..

and two weeks left at my new school. where ii was the lead in the school musical...

just two weeks...

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