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  • Published: 2 Oct 2012
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This is my first fan fiction please no hate.

Missy just moves to Doncaster with her two parents who are hardcore excersize fanatics. She knows no one but she does get along well with the people from her new town. Within her first week she has shown up the schools best quarterback and has also made a new friend in the music store. With a passion for music, sports, and performance she finds herself becoming more comfortable with her new way of life. For the longest time her love for music was hidden but what will happen when she lands a job at the music store and ends up running into some very famous boys with a need to find a new opening act for there new tour... Read for more!!


18. Is That True?

l Kierstin POV

"Niall is lovestruck dont worry bout it love." Zayn winks at me and i cant help but giggle and blush. i dont have a favorite out of the band but i have always thought that if i had to choose a guy out of the band that Niall would be perfect for me... i dont know why but Niall Horan just had a huge draw to me.

"i see." i whisper trying to not show my excitment... Zayn was only kidding so no need to get my hopes up... right?

Niall just turns redder than a tomatoe when he looks up to see me smiling at him... was he blushing because of me?

"so Kierstin, want anything to eat?" Missy asks me... when she first came to the school i was afraid that i would be to 'uncool' for her to spend her time with, thats why i never introduced myself. sure i was captain of the volleyball team and had alot of friends but the new girls are always taken into Ambers group, unlike me i was popular because i am actually liked. Amber is just rich... in all honesty she hates me and i really could care less about her as well Amber and i are sworn enemies, but thats not my point. Missy came into school and stole the hearts of all the boys in our grade and the younger ones as well. she is beautiful, her thin figure, her long light blonde hair, her big bright green eyes, and as my twin brother Ryan liked to tell me 'she has a nice rack' ugh he was such a sick pig!

"sure!" i can never say no to food.

"what about me?" Niall pouts and i giggle making him blush again

"you already ate all my junk food stash Niall so you can go and eat a couch cushion or something." Missy laughs and walks to the kitchen with Harry behind her as everyone else goes to the couches and takes a seat. Sara and Louis cuddling on a love seat and Zayn, Liam, and Louis sprawled accross one of the big couches. i see the other couch being only occupied by Niall and decide i should sit down instead of standing here awkwardly.

"sooo.... Kierstin...." Niall begins slowly after i sit down.

"yes Niall?" i ask


Niall POV

gosh those boys were embarrassing! they just pretty much told Kierstin i like her. i have to fix this... but how?

"sooo.... Kierstin...." i begin after she sits down beside me, everyone else is in deep conversation so they dont pay any attention to us thankfully.

"yes Niall?" she asks looking into my eyes innocently.

"uh... i... so are you a fan of the band?" i blurt... what! i didnt mean to say that i just didnt want to apologize and say i dont like her, i cant lie!

"ya, but dont worry im not going to scream in your face." she giggles... gosh she was beautiful!

"thats good." i wink, attempting to flirt. "so you have a band favorite?" now im blushing

"uh... sorta..." she mummbles, what was i thinking its not me so why should i ask!

"who?" i nudge her smiling

"well he is different from the other band members... in more ways than one." she winks... wait was she flirting with me? and who was different? i mean im the Irish lad in the group and i am the only one with blonde hair... so is it me? "he is really cute, and he has the most contagious laugh i have ever heard... i love his accent, its so different from the others... his eyes are so captivating..." she was blushing like crazy and before she can tell me who it really is Missy calls for Kierstin to come to the kitchen.

"great." i mutter as she walks out of the room.


Missy POV

"Harry are you sure? i mean Niall could just be embarrassed about anything... are you positive?" i ask and Harry nods smiling his cheeky smile.

"i have never seen him act like that, and the lads will agree with me... Niall has a crush on Kierstin." he chuckles at my expression

"well we have to tell Kierstin!" i say back before turning towards the kitchen door and yelling for Kierstin to come here.

"ya Miss?" Kierstin asks as she comes into the kitchen to see me sitting on the counter and harry standing infront of me.

"soo, hows Niall?" i ask giggling. she blushes crazily... wait does she like him back?!

"uhm... he is good..." she mummbles... OHMIGOSH! SHE DOES!!

"wanna know a little secret babe?" i ask Kierstin smirking... she nods catiously. "a little birdy told me that Niall has a little crush on you." i wink

"and who is this little birdy exactly?" she giggles.

"chirp chirp!" Harry mocks a bird and we all laugh.

"and this little birdy." i point to myself. "can tell that you.... have a little thing for my favorite irish lad."

"pfft... nooooooo!" she almost shreiks. she lied so badly.

"dont worry its alright we wont tell him... but you will have to eventually." i giggle at her and she nods accepting it.


Kierstin POV

is it true? does Niall like me? should i ask him?

i walk back out into the living room and sit with Niall again.

"hey Niall... i have to askyou something..." i say slowly

"yeah?" he sits up eagerly... gosh why did he have to be so cute!

"do you like me? cause i kinda like you and i wanna know if it will be worth actually crushing on you if you dont like me back then it wont be but if you do then it will and i dont know..." i say so quickly that i gasp for a breath when im done. i look down at my hands on my lap and dont dare look back up at him... he stays silent for a long time, i cant take it anymore

i look up through my thick lashes to see a very happy Niall sitting there staring off into space... what was he doing?

"N-niall? please say something..." i mummble. he looks at me then quickly grabs my face and kisses me... wait Niall was KISSING ME!! i close my eyes and kiss him back until we hear abunch of hooting in the background we break apart.

"its worth it..." Niall whispers to me only centimeters from my face

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