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  • Published: 2 Oct 2012
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This is my first fan fiction please no hate.

Missy just moves to Doncaster with her two parents who are hardcore excersize fanatics. She knows no one but she does get along well with the people from her new town. Within her first week she has shown up the schools best quarterback and has also made a new friend in the music store. With a passion for music, sports, and performance she finds herself becoming more comfortable with her new way of life. For the longest time her love for music was hidden but what will happen when she lands a job at the music store and ends up running into some very famous boys with a need to find a new opening act for there new tour... Read for more!!


30. Do Me The Honor

Missy POV

``what do you say sir?`` i ask looking into the eyes of Simon Cowell.

``interesting... your friend Sarah definitely has alot of potential, just as much as you possibly... but Kierstin, she has the look and the attitude... but does she have the skill?`` he says leaning back in his chair looking at me skeptically

``she is amazing, if i bring them into the recording you will be able to see how great they are, please... i know that i havent even gotten the spot yet and this is alot to ask but, i think it would be very beneficial to everyone.`` i say trying to not sound as though i am begging. although i kind of am...

``well, bring them in but dont tell them anything, we will just pretend as though we are trying to be nice and let them have a go.`` he says slowly

``thank you, so much...`` i say beaming happily. Simon looks at me and chuckles lightly

``your welcome, now tomorrow you need to be here at 9 o clock, sharp. no ifs ands or buts, tomorrow is when you start recording a small demo to show the full label, im not the only one that you needed to impress, remember that.`` he says smiling at my excited self. ``and bring Sarah and Kierstin, i believe you might be onto something, a girl group... think of some names tonight.`` with that he nods towards the door and i thank him and leave.

*at the boys flat*

i walk in the door smiling wide and humming to myself, i cant believe im in london and that im going to be going on tour and that i might have just gotten my friends to join me.

``im home!`` i practically sing as i walk into the living room.

``MISSY!!!!`` Harry yells rushing into the room and picking me up and twirling me around

``HARRY!!!!`` i yell back just as enthusiastically

``and people say im childish...`` Louis says coming into the room with Sarah following him along with Niall, Kierstin, Zayn, and Liam.

``oh shush Lou, you are.`` a purple haired girl says coming into the room behind Zayn along with a brown haired girl following Liam... they look familiar...

``hi, im Danielle, Liams girlfriend`` the brown curly haired girl says smiling and coming over to hug me.

``hi, Missy`` i say eyeing Liam curiously, i thought they broke up... he just smiles widely and i know that whatever happened between them was fixed and i was happy that he was happy.

``oh babe, we know all about you.`` the purple haired girl giggles ``im Perrie by the way, Zayns girlfriend, and dont get freaked, we arent stalkers, Harry just hasnt shut up about you since we got here.``

``awe, Haz... you were talking about me?`` i ask innocently, his face goes beat red but he smiles hugely

``i wouldnt say that, he was bragging about you.`` Niall says laughing his contagious laugh causing the rest of us to laugh as well.

``awe, baby... thats so cute.`` i say in a little voice poking his dimple

``i am just so totes adorbs!`` he says flicking his wrist. we all laugh at him then head to the couches to sit and talk

``Kiss?`` Niall says suddenly, we all stop our discussions and look at Kierstin who is looking at Niall with a curious face. ``can i talk to you privately?``

``uh... sure...`` she says hesitantly

``i dont think so mister!`` i practically yell jumping up from where i was sat next to Harry and rush over to Kierstin and plop down on her lap. she laughs at me and i struggle to stay on her lap since we are about the same size.

``why?`` Niall pouts

``cause Kiss is mine, and anything you have to say... or AAASK.. can be said infront of me and all her other friends.`` i say in a semi serious semi sarcastic tone, everyone nods their heads and look at Niall expectantly

``um... Missy, can you get off of me? your butt is so boney!`` Kierstin says laughing

``oh sorry, alright now go Ni`` i say after getting up and plopping onto Harrys lap

``uhm.. well... Kierstin, Kiss, Kier... Kierstin...`` he stammers... seriously Niall! spit it out boy!

``so just clarifying but your talking to Kierstin right?`` Louis asks chuckling and we all join in trying to help release the tension in the room.

``yeah... ok, Kierstin... listen, i really like you alot, i can honestly say i think that i love you and... well i want to call you mine, i want to be able to wake up every day knowing that i get to spend it with the most amazing and beautiful girl i know... so would you do me the honor of being my princess?`` Niall asks looking into Kierstins eyes deeply... she doesnt even say anything she just nods slightly out of words.


Kierstin POV

``yeah... ok, Kierstin... listen, i really like you alot, i can honestly say i think that i love you and... well i want to call you mine, i want to be able to wake up every day knowing that i get to spend it with the most amazing and beautiful girl i know... so would you do me the honor of being my princess?`` Niall says looking into my eyes, i cant even say anything my tongue is tied i just nod my head and smile at him. he jumps up from the couch and pulls me to him hugging me tightly burying his face in my neck the way he always does. i hugged him back and soon everyone else was hugging us as well

``now we are one big happy family!!`` Louis yells excitedly

i look into Nialls eyes as we all entangle ourselves, his arms still around me and mine around him. i smile at him slightly, looking up at him i go up onto my tiptoes and kiss his cheek lightly causing him to blush.

``so if im your princess are you my prince?`` i ask jokingly

``no.`` he chuckles

``uhm.. bro, then how can she be your princess?`` Zayn asks confused and everyone else murmurs to agreement with him

``im not a prince, im the lowly night that falls for his dream girl and miraculously the fair maiden falls back for me, im a mere peasant that catches the eyes of the beautiful princess, im nothing more than Niall...`` then quietly he says to me ``and you are the angel that saved me from myself ``

``niall...`` i say almost in tears, it was the cheesiest thing i had ever heard but i dont care! im a sucker for cheesiness, i cling to him in a huge hug and i feel him chuckle slightly before hugging me back just as tightly


Niall POV

my angel

my girlfriend

my dream girl

my fair maiden

my beautiful other half.

Kierstin is my definition of perfection, she has her flaws so she says but...

Your perfect to me.

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