this is about a girl named taylor styles and she gets kidnapped and it is up to a band member in one dirction and when they get her well she fall for them our well harry try to proctector her. please please read


3. me and zyan

                                                    Zayn's pov

when i saw taylor my eyes let up i wish she was ok when we got home asked if i could talk to her she "sure what's the mater" "i was wondering would you like to go out " i said. I was so happy when she said yes we kissed for a while then wlked out harry and he freaked a little than we told him and was happy for me when we went to sleep me a zyan went into his room and went to bed.

                                                          Taylor's pov

Last night i had the worst dream that my dad came and stabbed me and he killed me i got so skared i screamed everyone cam running in to see if i was ok.I went back to sleep and then at 8:00 i went down staris and made breakfast it was hard to walk cause of my cast but i made it.When  i saw what things i could make i made pancakes.yummmmm. Then zyan and everyone else came down i kissed zyan and everyone said ooolala.I laughed alot.

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