this is about a girl named taylor styles and she gets kidnapped and it is up to a band member in one dirction and when they get her well she fall for them our well harry try to proctector her. please please read


1. leaving or not

"no stop your hurting me please." i say hi i am Taylor Styles yes harry styles sister it is crazy unlike him i have blue eyes and brown straight hair. Ever since Harry left my dad has done anything to hurt me. Today at 12:00 am i am going to escape when my dad went down staris i packed up and got everthing i need i jumped out my window cause it was 1 story but i think i broke my leg . i heard my dad coming and ran but he got me and kidnapped me. the next thing i now i wake up in a weird warehouse i try to escape but i was stuck. when my dad came to untie me to give me water i knocked him out and ran.

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