this is about a girl named taylor styles and she gets kidnapped and it is up to a band member in one dirction and when they get her well she fall for them our well harry try to proctector her. please please read


5. boom

When i was on my way back to the house i was trying to get over when someone cut me off and i got in to a big crash the next thing i know we were rushing to the hospital they saw me awake and asked me qustions the top one was what is the first and last name i said taylor malik .They called everyone and zyan came rushing in  and said i can not live with out you he got on one knee and said "Will you marry me". i squealed and said yes i gave him a big kiss and he put the ring on my finger. Everyone said oooo how sweet.

the next morning i could not help it i just smiled so much and said Hey babe . Hey sweet heart zyan said back i went down staris and used the stuff i bought to make  all kinds of things.After that me and zyan started to plan the wedding was glad that harry did not care i was about to marry his best friend.

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